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Volunteering Abroad, Centre For International Voluntary Service

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Written by Sophie Atieno


Volunteering Abroad, Centre For International Voluntary Service


Has the thought of volunteering abroad ever crossed your mind?

If it has, then we are glad you stopped by our blog.

There are a number of volunteering organizations around and this being our first blogpost, we thought we would start by introducing ourselves.

We are the Centre for International Voluntary Service, a volunteering and community development organization based in Nairobi , Kenya.

We've been around for some time and operate with the goal of fighting poverty in Africa through various volunteering activities and programs.

Volunteering abroad is something one should definitely consider doing at least once or more times in their lifetime, because there is a whole bunch of people here who could definitely use the help.Especially out here in Africa seeing that we are still a developing continent.

We at the Centre for International Voluntary Service have had people from around the world over the years come into our country Kenya,in East Africa participate and we give them options ranging from volunteering with children to volunteering with teenagers among others.

CIVS being a volunteering organization in Kenya, provides programs of different types.One can choose between long-term volunteering or short term volunteering, both programs having their own share of benefits that we will definitely be taking you through in our subsequent posts.

You can definitely look forward to learning more about volunteering from us (the organization and the volunteers who've used our services),why we as a volunteer organization would like to have you work with us and the immense fulfillment that comes with volunteering abroad.

We leave it at that for today but we hope you'll stop by to read our pieces often to learn more about this noble cause.

Thank you for stopping by.