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Participate In Our Volunteering and Community Development Programs This 2020

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Written by Sophie Atieno

Happy New Year!

We at CIVS Kenya hope 2020 is off to a great start for you. We are glad and thankful to those who kept up with our posts all of 2019 and we will bring you even more this year.

As every New Year kicks off, it is the norm to come up with various New Year’s resolutions. How About including volunteering in your 2020 resolutions. Volunteering allows you to make a difference in somebody’s life or better yet in the lives of an entire community.

volunteers for civs

We at CIVS have lined up a number of projects that you could participate in and make that big difference.

We have long term volunteer projects. These usually take between one month and a whole year. They are usually designed in such a way that they provide an informal learning experience for people from different parts of the world. Participating in them will certainly make you more informed on the social and cultural differences that exist in the world today.

We also have short term projects in case you do not have much time to set aside but still want to make a difference. It is also a great option for those who do not have a lot of resources to spare. They usually go for around two to three weeks. They are usually made up of around eight to twenty people working in different projects.

You can also participate in the Weltwaerts program. This is coordinated by the government of Germany. It is for young people and is aimed at assisting other young people who could use the help in order to attain the Millennium Development Goals. Some of them include poverty reduction, promoting of education, environmental conservation and raising awareness on HIV/AIDS.

We here at CIVS therefore encourage you to think about those causes that you are most passionate about and the skills you have to offer and then take the first step.

Contact us at CIVS Kenya today and we will help you start the process and walk with you all the way to the end.

Otherwise, we hope you have an amazing 2020 filled with lots of blessings and success.