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Volunteer projects 2020

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CIVS is happy to inform you that the short-term (workcamp) and long-term projects for the year 2020 are ready and are being updated on our website. We are looking forward to receive volunteers from all over the world to participate in projects of their choice.

For more information or queries on any of the projects, please contact us hereand we will gladly assist you.


Here Are Six Types/ Categories Of Volunteering

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We hope our last post on how to find the right volunteering organization was helpful to you. We have spoken about the different places in which you can volunteer and different types of existing volunteering opportunitiesand well, today we are asking, do you know the different types of volunteering?

Volunteering can be divided into certain categories? Whether it’s planting trees, teaching and the many examples that exist, they fall into the five categories that we will be highlighting today.

So here are six types/ categories of volunteering

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Formal Volunteering

These are the kinds of volunteering programs that are run through a carefully structured and supervised way. Often times, they are long term and usually require great commitment and regular attendance from the volunteers. They usually involve trainers, supervisors and even managers. These people are necessary in the recruiting, training and supervision, then also check the outcomes of the volunteering period. These kinds of volunteering programs involve a lot of policies and procedures.

Non-formal Volunteering

This type of volunteering usually does not too many structures. It is most common in unstructured settings or those that do not receive any kind of funding. It is very common among local communities. Non-formal volunteering is usually looked at more as an act of kindness where the main goal is just to be of some kind of help to the local people. Most people who participate in this just see themselves as friends, family or members of the community.

Volunteering In Governance

This type of volunteering entails provision of either leadership or direction to a given organization by volunteers. The volunteers are often tasked with the role of planning as well as decision-making throughout the organizations in question. In most cases, those who go for this type of volunteering usually pick organizations in which they have experience in the type of job done or those in which they have some type of advocacy in relation to the organization’s focus.

Social Action Volunteering

This is the type of volunteering that involves the coming together of volunteers united by a common goal or some kind of advocacy. The volunteers often see each other as comrades. Some could have a set structure while others do not. It also does not involve regular hours of volunteering. However, it involves a lot of passion and zeal attached to the specific cause. The volunteers often work hard towards achievement of a specific social good or change.

Project Based Volunteering

This type of volunteering involves time frames. The volunteers participate in different volunteering projects that have different time frames. For a volunteer to take part in a given project, they need a certain set of skills so as to achieve the goals that will usually be very clearly defined. It in most cases involves presence of coordinators, who instead of working as the managers, work with the volunteers instead.

Gap Year Volunteering

This is a type of volunteering that is usually targeted towards the youth, mostly students with a desire to experience what it’s like to work for or with a non-profit. In most cases, they join volunteering programs abroad. They work within a given time frame in which they live with the people and even immerse themselves in the communities’ local cultures.

We at CIVS Kenya hope you have gained some insight as to the types of volunteering that exist. With that, you can make a sound choice.

For more information, contact us at the Centre For International Voluntary Service and we will gladly assist you.

Have a great week ahead.

Benefits of Community Development To Children

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We have talked about the benefits and roles of community development a lot of times in different areas of life . Community development is necessary for the growth of people and a nation. Today, we will be talking about the benefits of community development in early childhood.

It takes a whole community to ensure a child’s growth both mentally, emotionally, intellectually and physically. The benefits of the community’s involvement in a child’s life is for the long term. It gives them a sense of belonging.

So here are some of the benefits of community development to children

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Community development promotes the health of children

Community development involves building and improvement of health facilities like dispensaries and health centres among others whereby parents can take their children for treatment or protection against diseases. It also allows for the community members, who include children to access drugs, mosquito nets among other things necessary for their health whenever they are distributed to people’s homes. It also allows for health educators to teach the children how to look after themselves in such a way that helps them avoid certain illnesses.

Community development promotes the security of the children

Community development allows for putting up of structures to promote security of the members of the community who include children. It also allows for teaching of the children to live responsibly and stay away from petty crime, promotes equality and education which gives them access to the same opportunities thus promoting security even among children.

Community development prepares children to be law abiding and good citizens

Some of the programmes geared towards community development involve teaching children how they can become law abiding citizens. It also gives them a sense of inclusion since it involves consulting children before making of certain important decisions regarding the community. This involvement of children gives them some kind of practice of what will be expected of them in future when it comes to deliberating on issues that affect them as citizens of the nation.

Community development shapes their career path

Another benefit of community development is that it shapes the future of children in terms of career. When health practitioners, educators, contractors and law enforcers take part in certain community development activities, it invokes the interest of the younger community members, the children. They can as a result end up making a decision on what it is they would like to do in their future career life. The children’s participation also helps in resume building and will better place them when it comes to employment in future.

Community development provides for role models

It is important for children to have responsible people they can look upto which is what community development provides for. It is all about coming together for the well being of the community which is exactly what children need to see. When they have responsible people they can watch, they are able to stay away from crimes and other social vices, they become more confident and better thinkers when it comes to problem solving.

Community development builds their self esteem

Another important benefit of community development is that it helps children feel more confident as they feel like they come from a progressive background. They are more confident because they are able to network with important people and through that, they learn more on how they can express themselves when in the presence of different kinds of people in the future.

In case you have any queries on the benefits of community development to children, kindly contact us. We at CIVS Kenya will gladly help you with them and also give you instructions on how to participate in community development activities both overseas and locally.

How To Choose The Right Volunteering Organization

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We hope you learnt something from our last post on the benefits of community development to children . Today we talk about another very important topic. Whenever you find yourself thinking about volunteering abroad, it is inevitable to think of the right volunteering organization. You’ll probably wonder about how to choose the right volunteer organization.

So, when you are thinking of the right volunteer organization to choose it is important to consider the following factors:

Values of community development


When thinking of a volunteer organization, consider the amount of time you have that will be set aside for purposes of volunteering. We all inevitably have time restrictions and well, different volunteer organizations have different programmes for which they allocate different amounts of time. They could be either long-term or short-term. It is therefore very important that you are realistic with your time especially because you will be in a foreign country. In case you want to explore the country, it is worth considering how long you can allocate to tourism in such a way that it will not affect your volunteering and the right organization will be able to arrange this for you.


When you are thinking of how to choose the right volunteering organization to go with, consider the location. Different people have different preferences in terms of location. In the same way, different volunteer organizations usually have different projects spread across different regions of a given country. It is therefore worth checking the different locations where each organization operates, consider the terrain, weather, type of people there before you make a decision on which one to go with.


While thinking on how to choose the right volunteering organization, consider the skills you have that you would like to share with the community then look at the type of projects the organization has. If you are a teacher or good with languages, you might want to consider a volunteer organization that has schools as part of their projects. If perhaps you are a doctor or a nurse, you might want to consider a volunteer organization that works with health centres, dispensaries and the likes. There is usually diversity and it is definitely worth being clear about your objectives so that you get the right opportunity.

Look more into the organization

Every volunteer organization is different. Some are non-profit while others are governmental. Some are big and have existed for years while others are still in their developmental stages. Some are global and might have structures that are a bit complex, others are national while others are just simple grass root organizations. They all have different structures and will usually offer different levels of support for their volunteers.


It is also very important for you to be very realistic when it comes to your budget.Different volunteering organizations will usually charge differently for their different projects and programs. It is therefore very important to look carefully at how much you have especially if you will be going to a different country. The last thing you need is to get there and suddenly get stranded or go there and realize you cannot participate in your dream project.

We hope you have found this information useful in case you would like to volunteer abroad.

The Centre for International Voluntary Service is a volunteer organization offering both long-term and short-term volunteer projects. We have different projects across Kenya that are different in variety.

In case you would like to volunteer with us, contact us today and we will gladly assist you.

The Role Of Women In Community Development

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Well, after talking about how corporates can participate in volunteering without having to set aside too much time, today we will touch on the role of women in community development.

Women play a big role in the sustainability of any community. Unfortunately, for so many years their importance has been overlooked. However, that has been changing due to the empowerment of women in the community as part of the community development process. Nowadays, more and more people are starting to appreciate that while they are often tasked with just household roles, they can do a lot more.

So here are some roles of women in community development.

women comm

They are educators

Education is very important to every community as it ensures the younger people have equal opportunities to develop themselves. It also ensures that they stay away from social vices that are as a result of ignorance and poverty. The role of women in community development as educators cannot be doubted. They give the members of the community the much needed basic education starting at home when they teach young children as the mothers have more time with younger children, to education in schools where they are teachers.

Education is the key to any nation’s growth but before a nation grows, development starts from the communities that make up this nation. Their role leads to agricultural productivity improvement, it helps in raising the status of the girl child, reduction of rapid population growth, environmental protection, among others.

Their role in the workforce

In today’s society, more and more women are contributing to the family’s earnings. Women work in both formal and informal environments in order to earn daily bread for their families. This participation of women can transform a whole community. They do face a lot of challenges because they are often seen as the weaker gender, but they have in many ways proven that they can handle such challenges and prove the ones who lack faith in them wrong. In today’s communities, women are entrepreneurs so they give jobs to others other than just being employed in both the formal and informal sectors. Their role in community development has therefore expanded to a great extent in recent times.

Their role as role models and caretakers

Another role of women in community development is that of caretakers and role models. They are undoubtedly caretakers to young children and often take the lead in helping the family adapt to different changing circumstances. Because of the fact that they are tasked with caretaking of both children and even the elderly, they play a big role in serving as role models of these children. Every single thing they do is seen by these little ones in the community.

They also have the teenagers and younger ladies looking up to them and watching their behavior. It is for this reason that they often do their best to set a good example for the children, younger women and sometimes even young men in the community. When the younger people in the community have people they can look up to, the community will always remain hopeful for a better future.

Their role as leaders

In the past, leadership positions were simply set aside for the men. Thankfully, that has in recent years changed and now women play a role in community development serving in leadership positions. Due to a woman’s attachment to the family setting, they are able to apply what they see in the home to the areas in which they serve as leaders. They are more sensitive to the people they govern or head and pay more attention to them. Because of this, they are able to help people more and bring about the much needed development in a community.

Their role as volunteers

Due to their sensitive nature to the plight of others and their ability to empathize as opposed to just sympathizing, women play a role in community development by serving as volunteers. They often set aside some of their time to give a helping hand to the less fortunate in different ways. They volunteer in schools, orphanages, churches, farms, among other places which leads to community development.

Their role as activists

Women also play a big role in fighting for the rights of the members of the community. Although in the past they were viewed as weak, women have come a long way in proving their strength in different ways and on different platforms. Their participation on the forefront when it comes to fighting for equality in terms of pay and opportunities leads to community development.

We hope you have learnt a bit more on the role of the women in community development. The women you see around you play a big part in your community’s development and you as a person should recognize and appreciate them for that.

In case of any more questions regarding community development, contact us at CIVS Kenya and we will gladly help you out.