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Values of Community Development in Africa and Their Importance

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Having understood what the community is and the purpose of community development in Africa, we are now going to discuss some values of community development in Africa in this piece.

Before delving into the individual values of community development in Africa, we begin by defining what a value is.

Values are principles of standards or behaviors by which people live.

Values can be either individual or collective.

  • Individual values

These are values related to the development of an individual’s personality and protection of the same. They include: honesty, loyalty, honor, etc.

  • Collective values

These are connected with collective norms. In this particular case, the African community judgement of what’s important.

Values of community development

African communities all have different values which they stand by but community development generally has the a number of values involved .

They include:


For community development to occur in Africa, it is important to value diversity of the African people, dignity and their abilities and understand that as different as they are, they all account for something that makes an impact.


Community development in Africa requires that everyone focuses less on their inequalities and promotes fairness and justice to all when it comes to decision-making and distribution of resources.


This value is almost similar to equality but emphasizes more on involving everyone who should be involved in development activities.It enables the community to avoid having people being less heard than others and encourages much needed meaningful participation.


It is an important value of community development in Africa because the entire development process is dependent on working together with different partners and most of all members of the community.



This involves the community’s receptiveness to new ideas which is important as it helps these communities grow and be stronger in their beliefs as well as more understanding towards other people’s beliefs.


Community development in Africa requires that all activities are undertaken with utmost honesty and transparency and that we should be accountable to every member about everything we do.


It is also a value of community development as it enables people to look forward to the future and feel confident in trying out new things and expect the best outcomes from doing them regardless of how long it takes to achieve them.

The values of community development are intertwined, and it is important to understand that for any kind of community development activity in Africa to be successful, the members, volunteers and partners need to work together to ensure that all of them are observed.

So why are these values important in community development in Africa?

  • They guide the beliefs and behaviours of community members on a day to day basis.
  • It helps us understand one another better which is important in.
  • They build up societies generally.

It is therefore important to keep all these in mind in case you are looking to volunteer overseas or travel to Africa to participate in community development as the success of any of the activities in the process depends on it.

Contact CIVS in case you would like to start the process and need to understand more before you leave.We will be discussing the types of community development activities CIVS has in store for you upon your arrival here in Africa, specifically in Kenya in our next post.

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The Community and Purpose of Community Development

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In our last post on the pros of volunteering in Africa, we did introduce community development in brief.Today we discuss the community and generally the purpose of community development.

Like we said, community development can be defined as the process in which members of the community unite and take collective action in order to generate solutions to common problems.

That said, it is important to understand what a community is.

So, what is a community?

A community is a group of people who live in the same geographical area or a group of people who share certain characteristics such as common religion, social ties, common perspectives, a common leadership and engage in joint actions or work in the same setting.

In brief points, some of the features or characteristics of a community include:

  • Common culture which is inclusive of a common language spoken by all its members.
  • Common geographical area and boundaries.These they use to know who the insiders and the outsiders are.
  • A community has a name that gives all the members an identity among other people.
  • A similar set of laws, rules and regulations by which all members should abide.
  • In some cases, a common religion.
  • A common origin or ancestry.

What are the characteristics that make a good community?

  • A good community is one that is free of poverty, crime and provides high quality of life to everyone in it.
  • It is one that celebrates their heritage. This makes for a very important trait of a good community because it shows gratitude for where they have come from.
  • Another trait of a good community is one that has carefully selected leaders to drive them towards community development. The leadership is responsible for solving disputes and making the right decisions for the good of everyone they serve.
  • Promoting inclusivity and communication is another trait of a good community as the members are able to work towards a common good. This also makes it easier for community development to take place.
  • Last but certainly not least another important characteristic of a good community is that it promotes fairness and equal access to certain rights.

Having now understood what a community is, we can now delve a bit into the reasons why community development is so important.

water project launch 01

So what is the purpose of community development?

The purpose of community development is majorly to build communities on the basis of justice, mutual respect and equality.

That said, we can break this down into simpler points that explain the purpose of this phrase “community development” in such a way that you and the next person all get to understand it before making that important decision to participate in any community development activities.

So the purpose includes:

  • To bring people to motivate themselves through programs geared towards their overall development as a unit of society.
  • Encouraging togetherness and teamwork is another purpose of community development and this brings about a sense of strength.
  • It aims to bring social reforms through discouraging ancient social or cultural practices that are outdated and possibly harmful.
  • We also cannot underestimate the purpose of community development that is creating awareness on various social concerns such as health, poverty, security, hunger among others.
  • It also aims to promote good governance as it ensures the community leaders are on their toes. It makes them aware that they are being watched when it comes to issues related to their people and how they make decisions that affect them.

Having defined the term community, stated the characteristics of a good one and outlined the purpose of community development, we believe that this has somehow given you an understanding of this important term and as such, you can start considering participating in community development activities in Africa.

CIVS will be sharing more on the different ways you can do this and more of what you need to know before taking that bold step.Meanwhile,you can look through our website to learn a bit more in case you would like to start participation immediately or email us in case you need specific answers to some of your questions.

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Six Factors To Consider Before Volunteering Overseas

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So, what are these factors one should consider before volunteering overseas?

We talked about a number of reasons why you should volunteer overseas. The process is fulfilling but if not rightfully thought through, it could end up a fail.

volunteering abroad

In order to get maximum fulfilment from undertaking that volunteering journey, there are a few things to consider such as:

What you have to offer in terms of skills and knowledge

This is a very important point because it forms the basis for what you will do, otherwise you will have travelled in vain.

What skills do you have? Can they be of benefit to people?

It is important to do your research on what a given group of people or community are in need of in order to see if you have something to offer them.

At the end of the day, you need to be in a position whereby people can actually acknowledge your presence and help because you helped them satisfy a need they have to an extent.

Not every project is for everyone.

Consider the causes close to your heart

What are you passionate about? You may have a number of very valuable skills to offer but which ones speak more to you?

You will often times find that when you participate in volunteer activities or causes closest to you, you tend to give your all and through this, you get a better response from the community in which you are in and more fulfilment as the results will undoubtedly positive.

Consider how much time you are willing to allocate to volunteer activities.

There’s different types of projects one can engage in. Some are long term, and some are short term, which in actually gives you an option.

It is therefore important to consider before volunteering overseas, how much time you have in your hands.

Are you going to go during your GAP year? Is it going to be during your summer vacation? If so, how long are these periods of time.

In relation to that, how many hours a week or a day can you commit to certain volunteer activities? Some people have an ability to work longer than others and this is important to think through.

Your state of health, both physical and mental

Another factor to consider before volunteering overseas is your state of health.

This is very important because it allows you to carefully select a suitable country or specific area for you.

Do you have any allergies? Do some weather conditions make you sick? Can certain situations traumatise you in any way? If so, which ones?

If you are going to be offering your volunteering services, you need to be in the right frame of mind and state of health in order to be more productive. Different countries have different conditions, so you might want to look them up and even go to your local doctor and ask if you are not certain.

The amount of funds you can afford to put into it

They call it a paradox.

Why do I have to pay if I am going to offer a service for free? You may ask

The truth often times you will be volunteering overseas, you will have to use a volunteer organization. They are non-profit and will often require you to chip in in order for them to facilitate your stay while you are undertaking your volunteer activities.

You need to research on the amount needed and compare it to the amount you already have. This is an important factor to consider before volunteering overseas because nobody wants to set out on a journey across countries only to arrive and have a shortage of funds. It can be really frustrating.

Think about what you want to focus on while overseas

For sure, you want to volunteer overseas, but is that the only thing you want to do while you are there?

Some people like to explore the countries they travel overseas for volunteering activities in addition to the actual cause. Some people only travel for the volunteering reasons.

Getting an idea of what you would like to do while you are in your host country will allow you to determine what your program will be and plan ahead.

We hope these six factors to consider before volunteering overseas are of assistance to you.

In case you have any concerns about volunteering overseas, you could send us an email or post on our Facebook page here. 

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Six Pros of Volunteering in Africa and Community Development

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In our last post, we talked about factors to consider before volunteering overseas but today, we talk about the pros volunteering in Africa and a bit of introduction on community development.

While we have in our previous posts described the noble act that is volunteering but what is this community development?

Community development is described as the process whereby, members of the community generate solutions to common problems by coming together to take collective action required in coming up with these solutions.

Volunteering in Africa is probably something you want to consider if you have been thinking of volunteering abroad for a number of reasons that we are about to highlight.

Here are the pros of volunteering in Africa

pros of volunteering in Africa


It is a beautiful continent

The international media often portrays Africa as a continent faced with death, disease, drought and despair and as a result, people are oblivious to how beautiful a continent is.

The warm temperatures and vast vegetation with amazing animals make Africa an ideal place for someone who is considering volunteering overseas but wants an experience that’s a little more extra. Someone that definitely wants to enjoy nature.

It has many opportunities for community development

Although most African countries have taken strides in development, it is worth noting that most African countries fall under the third world umbrella.

This means that there is still a significant number of people in need of help in finding solutions for the many challenges and problems that afflict them and this is where you can help. Sharing your knowledge and the skills you might have could go a long way in changing the lives of people.

The communities are very welcoming

It is a common African thing to be welcoming to a foreigner or visitor because it is in the African belief that a visitor will always bring them blessings.

That said volunteering in Africa allows you to easily blend with the local communities. They are always willing to learn something new and appreciate it.

volunteer in kenya luo culture

There is rich culture

Having talked about how welcoming the African communities are another pro of volunteering in Africa that we cannot overlook is that it gives you the opportunity to immerse yourself in the rich culture in Africa.

The different way of life of the different African people allows anyone who took the leap of volunteering overseas to be more open minded.

It helps them learn that there’s more to life than what they are used to seeing in their everyday life and this also presents an amazing opportunity to learn something new.

It challenges your character

While we have mentioned earlier that Africa has been portrayed more in the negative light, which shouldn’t be the case, we also acknowledge that there are areas afflicted by so much calamity and so many hardships.

This should not however be taken as a discouraging factor by anyone who is considering volunteering overseas, rather, it should be considered among the pros of volunteering in Africa.

Reason, it makes you develop strength both internal and external. Participating in community development activities in the worst hit areas prepares one for the many challenges that come with life.

Let’s just say, the community development activities help you anticipate situations and handle them with more confidence.

Volunteering in Africa allows you to stand out in the corporate world

Africa is a very well-known place for volunteering activities and looking at it from the corporate world, it is a pro to participate in community development and volunteer in the continent.

Employers are keen in seeing how willing you are to do things out of your comfort zone because it portrays an image of a person ready to face different challenges.

We hope these six pros of volunteering in Africa encourage you to think about it.We also hope from our brief introduction of community development helped you get an idea of what it is.

We will be delving deeper into it in our subsequent posts.Remember to like our Facebook page and share our posts.


Five Reasons Why You Should Volunteer Abroad

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Having talked about five benefits of volunteering for personal development you might be wondering where to do this volunteer work.

It’s easy to volunteer in your neighbourhood, in church, at an event around you, which is something we at CIVS Kenya encourage but have you ever thought of volunteering abroad?

There are so many reasons why you should volunteer abroad. Have you ever looked into some of them?

Today, we delve a little into a few of those reasons.

why you should volunteer abroad

The first reason why you should volunteer abroad is definitely that you get a chance to live in another country.

It’s an amazing thing to live among different people. You get to learn their different cultures which includes learning a different language and generally their way of life. So, you give and back diversify yourself more in the process.

It gives you the opportunity to share your skills.

Some skills, languages and activities are so common and limited to certain countries but what we do not realize is that some of that knowledge could be very useful to others. So how about consider sharing these skills with people who actually need them more by volunteering abroad.

Often in your own country, so many people could have the same skill and/or knowledge and not too many could be in need of your help in those terms, but it could really make a difference elsewhere and bring you so much more fulfilment.

Take an example of the English language. It is very valuable in communication globally but some people in different parts of the world may not be able to speak it. How great would it be if you are from an English speaking country and just volunteered abroad through teaching it to a group of people who can’t speak it?Just like that, you've made a big difference.

It enables you to be more open minded in your perspectives

Another thing that you gain from volunteering abroad is the ability to look at things from other people’s point of view.

Like we mentioned in the previous post, it’s very easy to assume that everything is fine when you can so easily access basic needs like food, shelter, clothing and education. Volunteering abroad gives you the chance to be around people who do not so easily get these and actually learn to appreciate what you have. It brings a lot more into perspective and you understand more about what's happening in the world.

It enables you to interact with likeminded individuals

In some cases where you choose to volunteer abroad through a volunteering organization, you will often find that there’s a number of you at one project. What you gain is the opportunity to interact with the different people from the different countries and learn a thing or two from them that could build you.

 volunteering abroad

It prepares you for your career

Employers are often so keen in what else you have done other than what you learnt in school and volunteering abroad definitely looks better on your resume.

It gives an impression of a diverse individual who can cope with change and new surrounding.Therefore if you have been wondering what you gain from volunteering abroad , that might be a good answer and motivation, especially if you are in your gap year. 

We hope that the five reasons why you should volunteer abroad inspire you to actually consider it because as you can see, they very easily answer the question, “what do you gain from volunteering abroad?”

If you would like to try volunteering overseas contact us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or just go through our website first and check out our different projects and what we are all about.

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