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Here Are Some Five Great Places To Volunteer

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Having discussed the health benefits of volunteering, here are some different ways in which you can volunteer.

In the event that you feel that deep sense of volunteering, where can you do it? Here are five great places to volunteer.

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It goes without saying that hospitals can definitely use the extra helping hand. From the support staff to the patients, families and the visitors, they all need volunteers in one way or another. You could lend a helping hand regardless of your age or level of education. Remember, volunteering is for a good cause so you should be prepared for the tasks you are given.Whether it’s cheering up the kids in the children’s wards, pushing wheelchairs, manning the information booths or general customer service, it counts.

At a local school

Schools work best with the involvement of the community. That said, people working in schools are often overworked. So that kind of environment offers an opportunity for volunteering. When it comes to education, the more people involved, the better. The pupils need to see people that can set a good example for them with each passing day. You could take up roles like reading them stories, helping clean the school environment, chaperoning some field trips among others that will definitely make an impact.

At a nursing home/ senior home

Often times, older people at nursing homes feel like they have just been dumped there. It would help if you give some of your time to them. Sometimes, all they need is someone to talk to, someone they can laugh or even cry with. They need to be reminded that while some of their relatives are too busy to be with them ever so often, someone else cares. It will make a big difference in their attitude which is why it is a great place to volunteer.

Animal rescue centres

Another great place to volunteer is an animal shelter. Some people are devoted to taking care of animals. They often need your assistance. So getting up and heading there to offer voluntary services such as walking the dogs, cleaning the places they stay at, answering phone calls, giving information and other administrative work could go a long way in keeping these shelters running and making these animals’ lives easier.

Your local church

A lot goes on in making a church what you see every Sunday, which is why it is also a great place to offer your volunteering services. You could always assist in cleaning the church, arranging flowers, doing administrative work among others. You could also teach the younger children at Bible study and while you are at it, you will be able to learn so many lessons that could help you in life as well.

So there you go. Five great places to volunteer at. We at CIVS Kenya always encourage you to grab any opportunities you can get to take part in volunteering activities. It will help change the lives of people you help and while you are at it, you will be helping yourself as well.

In case of any questions regarding voluntary work and where to volunteer, we are here to help. Contact us and we will answer your questions. You can also go through our website to read more.

Here Are Some Health Benefits of Volunteering

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We have discussed some personal benefits of volunteering before but what is amazing is then fact that this noble act of volunteering can actually have a positive effect to your health. Yes, while helping people in need through worthwhile causes, you end up helping yourself in the process. It works great for the well being of your mind and body.

So, here are some health benefits of volunteering.


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Volunteering boosts your physical health

According to studies, people who participate in volunteering activities live longer. In other words, they have a lower mortality rate compared to people who choose not to. Older volunteers especially benefit as they end up walking more, climbing more and building more. These physical activities make them less susceptible to conditions such as high blood pressure and frequent heart attacks or heart disease. They find it easier to deal with day to day tasks and activities. It also helps their brains and improves their thinking. It also reduces the chances of getting chronic pain.

It fights against stress, anxiety, short tempers and anger

Volunteering has a positive effect on your psychological well being. This comes about as a result of constantly being around people, which helps you learn their different behaviors . Working with people helps you be more patient with them and understand them better. Connecting with people also helps you minimize stress. It keeps you in high spirits so you will generally stay in a good mood. It also reduces anxiety and stress.

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Volunteering helps fight depression

Another health benefit of volunteering is that it helps reduce the symptoms of depression or just eliminates the condition. Depression has become a very common condition in recent times but being around people often will help you develop a constant support system that will keep you stronger. It also helps you appreciate what you have, thus helping you fight depression.

Volunteering makes you happy

According to research, helping others gives you immense joy and pleasure. Believe it or not, this study is as a result of measuring of hormones and brain activity of people by scientists, meaning it’s true. The more you give your time to volunteering, the more you help people and the happier you feel. A health benefit of volunteering to the elderly especially who are starting to feel like they are no longer needed is that it makes them gain a sense of purpose. It helps them find new meaning and direction at that particular stage of life. It also just keeps them mentally stimulated and happy.

It helps boost your self confidence

This is a psychological health benefit of volunteering that is very important to note. Self esteem can take you so far. Helping a community and seeing the results of your input helps you get a sense of accomplishment naturally. It keeps you proud of yourself and improves your sense of positivity alongside your belief in yourself and your ability to face life and achieve your future goals.

We at CIVS Kenya therefore encourage you to participate in volunteering communities. Contact us for more information on how you could volunteer, especially in Kenya with us, and be part of a group of selfless people who are making a big difference in communities.

You can also visit our website for more information.

What Is The Work of a Volunteering Organization?

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When one is considering travelling abroad for volunteering purposes, they will often prefer to use a volunteering organization.  How do you pick the best volunteer organizations? Well, that is a question we will help you answer in a subsequent post but first of all, what is the work of a volunteering organization?

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To identify projects

Where does a volunteer spend their time when they arrive into the country? Well, it is the work of a volunteering organization to look into different circumstances facing the less fortunate people in a given country and find out what projects they can start to help those people. Doing this ensures there is a place for people who want to volunteer abroad to stay in and get to do just that.

To prepare different programs for the projects

Every single project has people with different needs. It is the work of a volunteering organization to identify these needs and also come up with ways and activities in which these needs can be met. The best volunteering organizations are the ones that will even determine the best amount of time a volunteer can stay there for the entire volunteering process to be a success.

To find host families

When anyone who has decided to volunteer abroad jets into the country, they will need a place to stay throughout the volunteering process. Whether they are doing long term volunteering or short term volunteering, it is important that they have a place they can call home, with trustworthy people who will also play a big role in assisting them throughout their time away from home.

To give volunteers an orientation when they arrive into the country

Well, as you can imagine, when you travel to a foreign country, there’s only so much you can have knowledge of in that particular country. Contrary to a leisure trip, a volunteering opportunity requires you to have as much knowledge as possible about a place because you will not always have someone to guide you or walk with you throughout your stay. The best volunteer organizations will do this before you even start volunteering.

To help volunteers out in the course of their volunteer work

Sometimes, running into a problem or getting into trouble could be inevitable for the simple reason that different countries have different rules and regulations. It could be trouble with the law or just with the community folk. It is the work of a good volunteering organization to intervene in such situations as they are responsible for you during your stay.

To evaluate the volunteers

The best volunteering organizations are the ones that will set aside time to help you evaluate just how well you are doing with your projects in order for you to know how to continue and to just get a feel of what the community in which you are volunteering in thinks about you.

To maintain correspondence with the volunteers when they leave

They have a responsibility of updating you on how the projects you might have started are moving forward even in your absence as an act of goodwill as well as to give you some encouragement that something you started or just did will have an impact to the community’s future.

To find partners to send the volunteers or help in funding projects

Sometimes, it is necessary to get partners for funding purposes especially for non-profit organizations. It is also important to get partner organizations as some of them are responsible for sending groups of volunteers. A volunteer organization creates these partnerships.

The Centre for International Voluntary Service is a leading volunteer organization that helps volunteers who would like to volunteer in Kenya. We do all the above.

Check out our website for more or contact us for more details.

How To Find The Right Volunteering Opportunity Abroad For You

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So, having discussed a bit about the role of volunteer organizations, how about we talk about how you can find the right volunteer opportunity for yourself. What factors do you consider?

There are many people who could use your help in one way or another, but you have to be very specific with who or what you choose before volunteering abroad. It’s the only way you’ll get to enjoy doing what you’re doing and make a difference.

So here are factors to consider before leaving your home to volunteer abroad in other words, how to find the right volunteering opportunity abroad for you.

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What causes matter most to you as a person?

There are very many different causes you can volunteer in. Are you passionate about health, is it education, community development, education or art? Looking deep within you will definitely help you make the best choice because at the end of the day, you want something you can remain committed to.

What group would you rather work with?

Do you prefer children or adults? Do you prefer working to empower men or is women empowerment more fulfilling to you? Do you prefer to work with animals? All these are important questions you need to ask yourself because not all groups can work for everyone. For example, working with children may be challenging because it requires a lot of patience, working with the elderly could be challenging because it’s not easy to change their perspective when it comes to certain matters. Choose wisely.

What skills can you bring?

Can you teach? Are you good with construction, finances, health, counseling? Choose an area in which you can at least contribute in. The worst thing to do to yourself as a volunteer is to immerse yourself in a place where you can’t be of any help.

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How much time are you willing to put into volunteering?

Some volunteering projects are long-term while some are short-term. It is therefore very important to look at your schedule and decide because you also don’t want to have to leave a project in between because you have to attend to other matters back home. All projects are usually carefully planned and the length of time allocated for each carefully considered.

Do you prefer to be a lone or part of a group of volunteers?

People are different and so are projects. Some people might be able to work best as part of a larger team while others thrive being alone, in this case, being the only volunteer at a particular project. When looking at a volunteering opportunity abroad, it is important to look at whether or not it is an individual or group project.

CIVS has a wide range of volunteering opportunities you can choose from in order to make your entire experience worthwhile. We always do our best to make sure your time in Kenya is used wisely and you can definitely go through our website to learn more about all the projects, which will help you make a decision based on all the above mentioned points.

The Importance of Community Development

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Last year, we brought up the topic of community development and mentioned a few things and after talking about water and sanitation in our previous post, we thought it best to post about the importance of community development.

For any country to develop, the community needs to develop. It is the most common basic unit of society after the family and when there is development in the community, there is a general improvement in a nation’s economy.


What is community development?

It is the process whereby a community comes together and works collectively towards finding solutions to the problems that affect them.

So, what is the importance of community development?

It helps in agricultural growth

Part of community development activities include farm work and taking care of animals. Agriculture is the backbone of most economies and Kenya here is the perfect example of countries that heavily rely on agriculture.

Community development sees to it that people get the right information on the best farming methods, the right equipment and encouragement, not to mention ideas required for the success of agriculture.

It helps in development of the health sector

Through community development, public health facilities are created. These facilities assist in treating of ailments that may affect members of the community such as malaria, typhoid among other common diseases.

It helps in development of schools and educational centres

The importance of an education cannot be undermined, mostly because it shapes the future of all the members of the community. Through the community development process, funds and resources are brought together for building of schools and other types of educational centres to equip the community with the tools needed to succeed in future.

It helps in development of administrative structures

With each kind of community development project, a leader is needed to oversee the activities. Often times, the community gets to select an able leader that will help them make the best decisions. It generally leads to creation of leaders.

It helps in development of human resource

The community development process creates employment for members of the community to enable smoother running of the schools, farms, health centres, among other amenities that come about as a result of the community development process. This also leads to a reduction in crime rate.

It provides a sense of inclusion

Community development encourages participation from all members from children to adults, of course everyone with their own suitable role to play and this inclusion brings about a sense of unity and everyone learns to value each other.

It helps in the improvement in the overall living standards of people at the community level

Through all of the above mentioned importances of community development, such as agriculture, the educational centre growth, reduction in crimes among others mentioned, the quality of life is improved significantly.

Through all of the above importances, national development is also achieved and we at CIVS do our best to support communities achieve the kind of development that they need in order to be uplifted. We have a number of community development projects in different parts of the country and we would like to have you join us in our different ones.

For more information regarding our community development, visit the rest of our website or email us. Thank you for stopping by. Like our Facebook page as well to get more updates.