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Participate in Short Term Volunteering Opportunities With CIVS

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We discussed long-term projects in Africa with CIVS in our last post and would now like to talk about the short-term volunteering opportunities particularly in Africa with CIVS.

Before we start on those, we are proud to say that the long-term projects for next year have been finalized and you can click this link to see the list and possibly select one that you have a calling for.

So, what are short-term volunteering opportunities in Africa?

These refer to those volunteering projects that are meant for people who have limited time or resources for volunteering but still want to take part in volunteering activities beyond just travelling.

new alumni educational centre


It can be for a period of around 2-3 weeks in an environment outside your norm.

You can participate in short term volunteering in Africa with CIVS Kenya as we have different projects with different activities for this kind of volunteer work.

Some of them include:

  • Building fish ponds
  • Constructing classrooms
  • Raising awareness on different conditions and topics, among others

With CIVS, short-term volunteering in Africa starts with an orientation process for the volunteers, usually in groups of between 8-20 people from different countries. We start with this in order to get you familiarized with the environment in which you are going to stay at. This involves the culture , goals of the project as well as CIVS as an organization.

Short-term volunteering in Africa comes with a lot of benefits to individuals who participate in them as well as the community.

What are some of these benefits?

It allows you to learn more about different cultures not just of the host communities, but also the different people from different countries in your group.

It allows you to make new friends and possibly form life-long connections that will be useful for your future development or progress as a person.

Short-term volunteering opportunities allow you to develop new skills and experiences, very different to what you are used to which allows you to broaden your mind.

It allows you to make a difference through applying your skills in areas where the skills are needed.

CIVS Kenya has a variety of them for you to choose from.

In case you need more information, visit our website or contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will be glad to assist you in making a decision.

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Long-Term volunteering in Africa with CIVS Kenya

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Among the different types of volunteering opportunities in Africa from our last post, we mentioned long-term volunteering opportunities. In today’s post, we talk about long-term volunteering in Africa and the programs CIVS Kenya has for you with regards to that.

So, what is long-term volunteering?

Like we mentioned, long-term volunteering is volunteering that involves a volunteer joining projects that run between 1-12 months.

It is more of an individual based kind of volunteering than it is group work.


What does long-term volunteering in Africa involve?

It entails immersing oneself in the local African cultures in order for the volunteer to make a maximum impact in the community in which they are in.

What long term volunteering opportunities does the Centre for International Voluntary Service (CIVS) have for volunteers?

CIVS offers the opportunity to participate in long-term volunteering in Africa for a period of between 1-12 months.

The CIVS programs allow volunteers to learn in a non-formal way in order for the volunteer to develop sensitivity and a deeper understanding of social and cultural differences, improve their ability to solve problems as well as build their self confidence in the process.

long term voluntary work

Upon arrival of a volunteer who has chosen to participate in long-term volunteering in Africa, CIVS gives an orientation before the project to give them an idea of what they are immersing themselves in.

The orientation is important for anyone who has opted in long-term volunteering opportunities here because it helps them:

  • Familiarize with the project’s aim
  • Know more about the people who will be hosting them and
  • Learn in a small way about the culture of they people they will be staying with.

CIVS allows you to select from among 25 long term projects that will be of benefit to you.

Some of the benefits of participating in long-term volunteering opportunities in Africa include:

  • It opens your mind to the needs of the locals, thus allowing you to understand them better.
  • Learning the local language of the people.
  • It gives the volunteers to implement their ideas for the well-being of the community.
  • It also allows you to travel and see the country and enjoy sites and scenery.
  • Long-term volunteering in Africa allows you to generally immerse yourself in the local culture for you to learn a new way of life.

All programs of CIVS are in cooperation with local partners to ensure that the volunteer’s stay is as fruitful as possible and that they get more than they expected from long-term volunteering opportunity they took.

You can choose from a number of them listed on our website

They are all in different places and you can choose which one best suits you.

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Values of Community Development in Africa and Their Importance

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Having understood what the community is and the purpose of community development in Africa, we are now going to discuss some values of community development in Africa in this piece.

Before delving into the individual values of community development in Africa, we begin by defining what a value is.

Values are principles of standards or behaviors by which people live.

Values can be either individual or collective.

  • Individual values

These are values related to the development of an individual’s personality and protection of the same. They include: honesty, loyalty, honor, etc.

  • Collective values

These are connected with collective norms. In this particular case, the African community judgement of what’s important.

Values of community development

African communities all have different values which they stand by but community development generally has the a number of values involved .

They include:


For community development to occur in Africa, it is important to value diversity of the African people, dignity and their abilities and understand that as different as they are, they all account for something that makes an impact.


Community development in Africa requires that everyone focuses less on their inequalities and promotes fairness and justice to all when it comes to decision-making and distribution of resources.


This value is almost similar to equality but emphasizes more on involving everyone who should be involved in development activities.It enables the community to avoid having people being less heard than others and encourages much needed meaningful participation.


It is an important value of community development in Africa because the entire development process is dependent on working together with different partners and most of all members of the community.



This involves the community’s receptiveness to new ideas which is important as it helps these communities grow and be stronger in their beliefs as well as more understanding towards other people’s beliefs.


Community development in Africa requires that all activities are undertaken with utmost honesty and transparency and that we should be accountable to every member about everything we do.


It is also a value of community development as it enables people to look forward to the future and feel confident in trying out new things and expect the best outcomes from doing them regardless of how long it takes to achieve them.

The values of community development are intertwined, and it is important to understand that for any kind of community development activity in Africa to be successful, the members, volunteers and partners need to work together to ensure that all of them are observed.

So why are these values important in community development in Africa?

  • They guide the beliefs and behaviours of community members on a day to day basis.
  • It helps us understand one another better which is important in.
  • They build up societies generally.

It is therefore important to keep all these in mind in case you are looking to volunteer overseas or travel to Africa to participate in community development as the success of any of the activities in the process depends on it.

Contact CIVS in case you would like to start the process and need to understand more before you leave.We will be discussing the types of community development activities CIVS has in store for you upon your arrival here in Africa, specifically in Kenya in our next post.

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Different Types of Volunteering Opportunities In Africa

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As mentioned in our last post on values and their importance in volunteering here in Africa, today we would like to talk about the types of volunteer opportunities that you could engage in.

Arguably, volunteering comes with a lot of fulfillment but the process has to be thought of properly and after knowing where to go and why you should volunteer here in Africa,it is important to understand how the activities are divided.

Before going into the actual volunteer activities list, it is important to know that there are majorly two types of volunteer opportunities /programs that you could engage in.

  • Long-term volunteer activities
  • Short term volunteer activities.

With regards to the types of volunteering opportunities that you can engage in, The Centre for International Voluntary Service offers you three options on the kind of activities you can engage in based on the amount of time you have to spare in doing Africa volunteer work.

CIVS allows you to engage in long-term, short-term as well as the WeltWarts program.

join us infographic


So what does the long-term volunteering option entail?

This involves joining the projects for a period of between 1-12 months.These entail Africa volunteer work that also involves informal international learning among other numerous benefits.

This type of volunteering opportunity is more individual rather than group work and involves the volunteer immersing themselves in the local culture so that they are able to make the maximum impact to the community.

What does the short-term volunteer opportunity involve?

Short term volunteering is mostly for people who would like to participate in volunteering activities but either do not have much time to stay around or people who might not have enough resources for a long term stay.

At CIVS, it involves a 2-3 week stay and the program involves group involvement. The group consists of 8-20 volunteers ready to immerse themselves into Africa volunteer work.

These are amazing ways for one to travel with a purpose.

What about the Weltwaerts program?

This is a special one operated by the Centre for International voluntary service involving the German government, which enables young people travelling for volunteer work for them to learn a set of new skills while giving them the opportunity to help people in need.

It mostly helps young volunteers who go for this type of volunteering opportunity to attain the famous Millenium development goals that include:

  • Poverty reduction
  • Environmental conservation
  • Promotion of universal education
  • Creating HIV /AIDS awareness.

We will be delving deeper into these individual types of volunteering opportunities offered by CIVS for those who would like to participate in Africa volunteer work in subsequent posts.In all the three, we will also give examples of the different types of volunteer activities under all of them .

Meanwhile, it is worth acknowledging that all of these types of volunteer opportunities provide an opportunity to learn while making a difference in a whole community.A volunteer gets to touch the lives of people and they are all about togetherness.

This togetherness is attained by spending time together and learning from one another, which is genuinely a mind opening process.

It is also worth knowing that Africa volunteer work is very involving and before you make that step of travelling all the way, we at CIVS advise that you get as much knowledge as possible.

Contact CIVS today for more information about the types of volunteering opportunities available for you when you come to Africa, most especially Kenya.

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The Community and Purpose of Community Development

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In our last post on the pros of volunteering in Africa, we did introduce community development in brief.Today we discuss the community and generally the purpose of community development.

Like we said, community development can be defined as the process in which members of the community unite and take collective action in order to generate solutions to common problems.

That said, it is important to understand what a community is.

So, what is a community?

A community is a group of people who live in the same geographical area or a group of people who share certain characteristics such as common religion, social ties, common perspectives, a common leadership and engage in joint actions or work in the same setting.

In brief points, some of the features or characteristics of a community include:

  • Common culture which is inclusive of a common language spoken by all its members.
  • Common geographical area and boundaries.These they use to know who the insiders and the outsiders are.
  • A community has a name that gives all the members an identity among other people.
  • A similar set of laws, rules and regulations by which all members should abide.
  • In some cases, a common religion.
  • A common origin or ancestry.

What are the characteristics that make a good community?

  • A good community is one that is free of poverty, crime and provides high quality of life to everyone in it.
  • It is one that celebrates their heritage. This makes for a very important trait of a good community because it shows gratitude for where they have come from.
  • Another trait of a good community is one that has carefully selected leaders to drive them towards community development. The leadership is responsible for solving disputes and making the right decisions for the good of everyone they serve.
  • Promoting inclusivity and communication is another trait of a good community as the members are able to work towards a common good. This also makes it easier for community development to take place.
  • Last but certainly not least another important characteristic of a good community is that it promotes fairness and equal access to certain rights.

Having now understood what a community is, we can now delve a bit into the reasons why community development is so important.

water project launch 01

So what is the purpose of community development?

The purpose of community development is majorly to build communities on the basis of justice, mutual respect and equality.

That said, we can break this down into simpler points that explain the purpose of this phrase “community development” in such a way that you and the next person all get to understand it before making that important decision to participate in any community development activities.

So the purpose includes:

  • To bring people to motivate themselves through programs geared towards their overall development as a unit of society.
  • Encouraging togetherness and teamwork is another purpose of community development and this brings about a sense of strength.
  • It aims to bring social reforms through discouraging ancient social or cultural practices that are outdated and possibly harmful.
  • We also cannot underestimate the purpose of community development that is creating awareness on various social concerns such as health, poverty, security, hunger among others.
  • It also aims to promote good governance as it ensures the community leaders are on their toes. It makes them aware that they are being watched when it comes to issues related to their people and how they make decisions that affect them.

Having defined the term community, stated the characteristics of a good one and outlined the purpose of community development, we believe that this has somehow given you an understanding of this important term and as such, you can start considering participating in community development activities in Africa.

CIVS will be sharing more on the different ways you can do this and more of what you need to know before taking that bold step.Meanwhile,you can look through our website to learn a bit more in case you would like to start participation immediately or email us in case you need specific answers to some of your questions.

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