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The project is located in Rodi, Homabay County of Kenya.



Vianeey Academy and Children Centre provides education and feeding program to children aged 3-14 years. The children are from low income families, orphans, from single parents and others have disabilities and special needs. The Centre was established in 2016, this came as a result of the founders great passion to help the needy children, love for the children and selfless heart to help the needy.



His mission is to go all over the country and reach the needy children, work with the young women and youth to establish a community college where they can learn skills to empower themselves and support their families. In his mission he realized that, most children in Rodi area are orphans, other had dropped out of school and others were left out as they dint conform to the set pass marks in various schools, he was challenged by this and it geared him to establishing a Centre where these children can get quality education to equip them for their future lives.


The Centre has opened its doors to all children where they can get access to medical facility which is a challenge In Rodi as people hardly access a medical facility therefore leading to high death rates and also high cost of attaining medication.


Vianeey academy and children Centre is a democratic Centre that aims at providing quality education to the children through professional teaching and acquisition of books for the children, provision of recreation activities where the children can discover their talents at a tender age, provision feeding program as some of the families can barely afford meals in a day.



  • Assisting in preparation and serving of meals.
  • Provision of nursing and health education services
  • Assisting in provision of basic education to the children (simple mathematics, English, science and computer studies)
  • Training children in sports, music, poems and dancing
  • Painting and drawing activities to help in development of creativity in the children
  • Taking care of the younger children as well as playing with them.
  • Taking care of domestic animals like cattle, chicken and pigs.
  • Offering guidance services to children.


The volunteer will be accommodated within the project and all meals will be provided