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Long-Term Volunteering in Kenya



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The project is located in Kasipul Kabondo constituency, Homabay County, Western part of Kenya


Blessed Sacrament Oriang Complex was established by the Catholic Church Mission of Homabay in the year 1994. The complex consists of a school section called Blessed Sacrament and a home for the handicapped called OT IRMGAD Cheshire.


 The school section takes care of orphans and vulnerable children (OVC) in the community. Some of the children live at the Centre while some live with care givers at home.

It provides ECDE (Early Childhood Education) and primary education as well as giving them basic needs such as food, shelter and clothes with a mission to explore a solemn, conducive atmosphere for nurturing both spiritually and academic development of the pupils.


The home for the handicapped takes care of the mentally and physically handicapped children who live at the center. The community and the church is largely involved in the management and payment of school fees and providing teaching resources to the Centre.


The little fees paid is used for the general management of the Centre. Currently the school hosts approximately 800 pupils while the home for the handicapped host around 10 children both girls and boys.



  • Helping in preparation of meals, serving and feeding the children
  • Helping in nursing services such as taking care of the sick children and giving them medicine
  • Playing together with children through extracurricular activities such a sports and dance
  • Organizing and Giving guiding and counseling sessions
  • Providing physiotherapy sessions to the physically handicapped children
  • Taking them to events outside the school such as music and sports


The volunteers will be accommodated at the project institution where all meals shall be provided. There are pit latrines, bath shelters and a kitchen at the project available for use by the volunteers.