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The project is located in Kaimosi, Hamisi Constituency, Vihiga County, Western Kenya.



Kaimosi Special School was founded by missionaries from Quakers Friends church in the year 1987 with an aim of empowering the disabled people (both mentally and physically) from the communities.



The project also was to give them basic education and hope for future life as well as to make them be self-reliant and integrate them into the society. Currently the School hosts about 104 disabled people who are children and young adults whose ages range from 6 years to about 32 years and they are from different communities.


Most of the beneficiaries have autistism, Down syndrome, other mental challenges, multiple handicapped and epileptic and therefore they are engaged to different classes according to their disabilities and their level of understanding.


The school offer skills to them in different classes such as Autism class, Foundation class, and intermediate class, prevocational and vocational class. The school is now a full boarding national school which is supported by the government of Kenya and the friend’s Quaker church.


  • Helping in preparation of meals, serving and feeding the children
  • Helping in nursing services such as taking care of the sick and giving them medicine
  • Engaging in dressmaking and tailoring
  • Training children vocational skills such as agriculture, weaving, tailoring, carpentry and bead work
  • Playing together with children through extracurricular activities such a sports and dance
  • Assisting with physiotherapy
  • Assisting in mobility
  • Organizing and Giving guiding and counseling sessions
  • Taking them to events outside the school such as music and sports


The volunteers will be accommodated in a host family, which is 15 minutes walk from the project. Breakfast and dinner shall be provided at the host family while lunch shall be served at the project. There are toilets, bath shelters and a kitchen at the project

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