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The project is located in Mowlem Nyamasaria location, Kisumu County.



Geli Community Academy is an orphans faith based project that was started in year 2015 by a social worker and a pastor. 


At its inception, the project was donating clothes, books, food and uniforms to vulnerable children in the area. These are either orphans or abandoned children.


The children have been orphaned for various reasons, although majority are due to the HIV epidemic, poverty and unwanted pregnancies. The children’s circumstances and histories are as different as their personalities, but now they have the optimism and opportunity for a more positive future.

The dedicated caregivers at the project are working hard to provide the basics of life such as food; they also engage the children in activities like dancing, music, poems, playing football, and general counselling. However, they are acutely aware that it is education, which can break the cycle of poverty.

By the year 2016, the project was supporting 30 children, and in year 2018 the project started a school with the main aim of providing quality and affordable education to the children since most of them were not going to school. Currently 38 children are being supported by the project.




  • Helping in preparation of meals, serving and feeding the children
  • Helping in training the children in music and poems
  • Teaching of subjects such as English, Mathematics, Science and Sign language
  • Helping with dressmaking and tailoring activities
  • Training the children how to read and write as well as assisting them with their homework
  • Playing together with children and organizing of sports and dance activities


The volunteers will be accommodated in a host family, which is 10 minutes walk from the project. Breakfast and dinner will be provided at the host family while lunch will be served at the school.

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