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St. Michaels Day Care and Rescue Centre

St. Michaels Day Care and Rescue Centre

Established in 2013, St. Michaels Day Care and Rescue Centre is an institution for the preschool aged children and young girls who have been rescued from streets of Ukunda.

Project Profile

Many of the parents find themselves away from their homes the entire day in the quest for food, water and work and are not able to afford to pay house helps to take care of their children while they are at their work places.

The centre takes care of children whose parents have low-income jobs or are unemployed mostly of whom have semi-permanent jobs. The centre also supports young girls who have been left homeless and abandoned by their families. While they are away searching for semi-permanent jobs, the project provides a safe place for their small children by providing meals and basic education. Since the target group is quite poor and due to the scarcity of foodstuffs, many of the children at the center find their only meal of the day there.


Ukunda District, Kwale County

Volunteering activities

  • Assisting in the preparation of meals and feeding of the children
  • Developing age appropriate sports activities to promote the physical health of the children
  • Developing in and out-door extra-curricular activities to develop creativity of the children
  • Assisting in teaching children basics of language, speaking, writing, etc

Accomodation and Sites of Interest

The volunteer will stay in a host family within the project site. The host family will provide meals.