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CIVS Kenya
CIVS Kenya
Community Health Volunteers

Orientation date: 13 July 2019 from 10:00am
Start and End dates: 14th July - 2nd Aug 2019
Safari dates: 10th - 12th July 2019
Theme: Empowering the youth and vulnerable communities
No. of Volunteers: 10 - 20

Project Profile

Tujengane self Help Group, a non-profit initiative that is based on the community development which was started by joint youths in Mulundu village and its neighboring communities, due to increase in poverty and illiteracy among the youths in the village as a result of disadvantaged due to their economic, social and cultural background. Tujengane literally means ‘build each other up’ had a main objective of improving people’s lives  in the community especially the vulnerable as well as linking the community with other players in order to address the challenges faced by the local community. The mission of this organization is concerned with the well-being of orphans and vulnerable children, mistreated women, widows, widowers, men, people with disability and youths who are disadvantaged due to their economic, social and cultural background. They are aiming to build a healthy, transformed, and interactive society.


Hamisi District, Vihiga County of Kenya.

Workcamp Activities

  • Farm work which involves weeding, digging and planting of maize, beans and vegetables
  • Exchange programs with the community members through home visits
  • Engaging in sports activities as well as playing with the children
  • Preparing and engaging in brick making for various youths so that they can sell and earn a living and support their families
  • Digging farms and as well as harvesting for the elderly and widows
  • Helping in construction of houses for widowers and the vulnerable families
  • Organizing community outreach with community health volunteers for HIV/AIDS campaign awareness
  • Planting of trees and taking part in the conservation of the environment

Accomodation and Sites of Interest

Accommodation will be at the project in this workcamp and it is important that you have your own sleeping bag and mat. During the workcamp, volunteers will get food from locally available foodstuffs and the volunteers will share the responsibility of preparing the food.

In this workcamp, volunteers can visit Kakamega rain forest and Lake Victoria in Kisumu City, which are about a 1-hour and 30-minute drive respectively from the project.