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The Importance of Community Development

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Written by Sophie Atieno

Last year, we brought up the topic of community development and mentioned a few things and after talking about water and sanitation in our previous post, we thought it best to post about the importance of community development.

For any country to develop, the community needs to develop. It is the most common basic unit of society after the family and when there is development in the community, there is a general improvement in a nation’s economy.


What is community development?

It is the process whereby a community comes together and works collectively towards finding solutions to the problems that affect them.

So, what is the importance of community development?

It helps in agricultural growth

Part of community development activities include farm work and taking care of animals. Agriculture is the backbone of most economies and Kenya here is the perfect example of countries that heavily rely on agriculture.

Community development sees to it that people get the right information on the best farming methods, the right equipment and encouragement, not to mention ideas required for the success of agriculture.

It helps in development of the health sector

Through community development, public health facilities are created. These facilities assist in treating of ailments that may affect members of the community such as malaria, typhoid among other common diseases.

It helps in development of schools and educational centres

The importance of an education cannot be undermined, mostly because it shapes the future of all the members of the community. Through the community development process, funds and resources are brought together for building of schools and other types of educational centres to equip the community with the tools needed to succeed in future.

It helps in development of administrative structures

With each kind of community development project, a leader is needed to oversee the activities. Often times, the community gets to select an able leader that will help them make the best decisions. It generally leads to creation of leaders.

It helps in development of human resource

The community development process creates employment for members of the community to enable smoother running of the schools, farms, health centres, among other amenities that come about as a result of the community development process. This also leads to a reduction in crime rate.

It provides a sense of inclusion

Community development encourages participation from all members from children to adults, of course everyone with their own suitable role to play and this inclusion brings about a sense of unity and everyone learns to value each other.

It helps in the improvement in the overall living standards of people at the community level

Through all of the above mentioned importances of community development, such as agriculture, the educational centre growth, reduction in crimes among others mentioned, the quality of life is improved significantly.

Through all of the above importances, national development is also achieved and we at CIVS do our best to support communities achieve the kind of development that they need in order to be uplifted. We have a number of community development projects in different parts of the country and we would like to have you join us in our different ones.

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