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What Is The Work of a Volunteering Organization?

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Written by Sophie Atieno

When one is considering travelling abroad for volunteering purposes, they will often prefer to use a volunteering organization.  How do you pick the best volunteer organizations? Well, that is a question we will help you answer in a subsequent post but first of all, what is the work of a volunteering organization?

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To identify projects

Where does a volunteer spend their time when they arrive into the country? Well, it is the work of a volunteering organization to look into different circumstances facing the less fortunate people in a given country and find out what projects they can start to help those people. Doing this ensures there is a place for people who want to volunteer abroad to stay in and get to do just that.

To prepare different programs for the projects

Every single project has people with different needs. It is the work of a volunteering organization to identify these needs and also come up with ways and activities in which these needs can be met. The best volunteering organizations are the ones that will even determine the best amount of time a volunteer can stay there for the entire volunteering process to be a success.

To find host families

When anyone who has decided to volunteer abroad jets into the country, they will need a place to stay throughout the volunteering process. Whether they are doing long term volunteering or short term volunteering, it is important that they have a place they can call home, with trustworthy people who will also play a big role in assisting them throughout their time away from home.

To give volunteers an orientation when they arrive into the country

Well, as you can imagine, when you travel to a foreign country, there’s only so much you can have knowledge of in that particular country. Contrary to a leisure trip, a volunteering opportunity requires you to have as much knowledge as possible about a place because you will not always have someone to guide you or walk with you throughout your stay. The best volunteer organizations will do this before you even start volunteering.

To help volunteers out in the course of their volunteer work

Sometimes, running into a problem or getting into trouble could be inevitable for the simple reason that different countries have different rules and regulations. It could be trouble with the law or just with the community folk. It is the work of a good volunteering organization to intervene in such situations as they are responsible for you during your stay.

To evaluate the volunteers

The best volunteering organizations are the ones that will set aside time to help you evaluate just how well you are doing with your projects in order for you to know how to continue and to just get a feel of what the community in which you are volunteering in thinks about you.

To maintain correspondence with the volunteers when they leave

They have a responsibility of updating you on how the projects you might have started are moving forward even in your absence as an act of goodwill as well as to give you some encouragement that something you started or just did will have an impact to the community’s future.

To find partners to send the volunteers or help in funding projects

Sometimes, it is necessary to get partners for funding purposes especially for non-profit organizations. It is also important to get partner organizations as some of them are responsible for sending groups of volunteers. A volunteer organization creates these partnerships.

The Centre for International Voluntary Service is a leading volunteer organization that helps volunteers who would like to volunteer in Kenya. We do all the above.

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