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How To Find The Right Volunteering Opportunity Abroad For You

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Written by Sophie Atieno

So, having discussed a bit about the role of volunteer organizations, how about we talk about how you can find the right volunteer opportunity for yourself. What factors do you consider?

There are many people who could use your help in one way or another, but you have to be very specific with who or what you choose before volunteering abroad. It’s the only way you’ll get to enjoy doing what you’re doing and make a difference.

So here are factors to consider before leaving your home to volunteer abroad in other words, how to find the right volunteering opportunity abroad for you.

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What causes matter most to you as a person?

There are very many different causes you can volunteer in. Are you passionate about health, is it education, community development, education or art? Looking deep within you will definitely help you make the best choice because at the end of the day, you want something you can remain committed to.

What group would you rather work with?

Do you prefer children or adults? Do you prefer working to empower men or is women empowerment more fulfilling to you? Do you prefer to work with animals? All these are important questions you need to ask yourself because not all groups can work for everyone. For example, working with children may be challenging because it requires a lot of patience, working with the elderly could be challenging because it’s not easy to change their perspective when it comes to certain matters. Choose wisely.

What skills can you bring?

Can you teach? Are you good with construction, finances, health, counseling? Choose an area in which you can at least contribute in. The worst thing to do to yourself as a volunteer is to immerse yourself in a place where you can’t be of any help.

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How much time are you willing to put into volunteering?

Some volunteering projects are long-term while some are short-term. It is therefore very important to look at your schedule and decide because you also don’t want to have to leave a project in between because you have to attend to other matters back home. All projects are usually carefully planned and the length of time allocated for each carefully considered.

Do you prefer to be a lone or part of a group of volunteers?

People are different and so are projects. Some people might be able to work best as part of a larger team while others thrive being alone, in this case, being the only volunteer at a particular project. When looking at a volunteering opportunity abroad, it is important to look at whether or not it is an individual or group project.

CIVS has a wide range of volunteering opportunities you can choose from in order to make your entire experience worthwhile. We always do our best to make sure your time in Kenya is used wisely and you can definitely go through our website to learn more about all the projects, which will help you make a decision based on all the above mentioned points.