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Here Are Some Health Benefits of Volunteering

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Written by Sophie Atieno

We have discussed some personal benefits of volunteering before but what is amazing is then fact that this noble act of volunteering can actually have a positive effect to your health. Yes, while helping people in need through worthwhile causes, you end up helping yourself in the process. It works great for the well being of your mind and body.

So, here are some health benefits of volunteering.


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Volunteering boosts your physical health

According to studies, people who participate in volunteering activities live longer. In other words, they have a lower mortality rate compared to people who choose not to. Older volunteers especially benefit as they end up walking more, climbing more and building more. These physical activities make them less susceptible to conditions such as high blood pressure and frequent heart attacks or heart disease. They find it easier to deal with day to day tasks and activities. It also helps their brains and improves their thinking. It also reduces the chances of getting chronic pain.

It fights against stress, anxiety, short tempers and anger

Volunteering has a positive effect on your psychological well being. This comes about as a result of constantly being around people, which helps you learn their different behaviors . Working with people helps you be more patient with them and understand them better. Connecting with people also helps you minimize stress. It keeps you in high spirits so you will generally stay in a good mood. It also reduces anxiety and stress.

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Volunteering helps fight depression

Another health benefit of volunteering is that it helps reduce the symptoms of depression or just eliminates the condition. Depression has become a very common condition in recent times but being around people often will help you develop a constant support system that will keep you stronger. It also helps you appreciate what you have, thus helping you fight depression.

Volunteering makes you happy

According to research, helping others gives you immense joy and pleasure. Believe it or not, this study is as a result of measuring of hormones and brain activity of people by scientists, meaning it’s true. The more you give your time to volunteering, the more you help people and the happier you feel. A health benefit of volunteering to the elderly especially who are starting to feel like they are no longer needed is that it makes them gain a sense of purpose. It helps them find new meaning and direction at that particular stage of life. It also just keeps them mentally stimulated and happy.

It helps boost your self confidence

This is a psychological health benefit of volunteering that is very important to note. Self esteem can take you so far. Helping a community and seeing the results of your input helps you get a sense of accomplishment naturally. It keeps you proud of yourself and improves your sense of positivity alongside your belief in yourself and your ability to face life and achieve your future goals.

We at CIVS Kenya therefore encourage you to participate in volunteering communities. Contact us for more information on how you could volunteer, especially in Kenya with us, and be part of a group of selfless people who are making a big difference in communities.

You can also visit our website for more information.