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Factors That Lead To Failure Of Volunteer Work

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Written by Sophie Atieno


In our last post, we talked about importance of volunteer training. Today, here's something different.

A lot of work goes into ensuring that any volunteer work is successful. There is more to it than just giving your time. Volunteer organizations have to stay on top of handling every volunteer properly. Here are some factors that could lead to failure of volunteer work.


Failure To Think Of Volunteers Individually

Once a volunteer organization overlooks the power of focusing on each volunteer’s individual strength, weaknesses and talents, they fail to find the right fit for them. Remember, the key to successful volunteerism is giving the individual time to grow and develop themselves.

Assuming That The Volunteers Will Stick With You Until The End

The moment you fail to make the volunteers feel needed and valued, you start to lose them. People like to be in places where they feel like they are needed. That way they feel valued. Failure to constantly support and check on the volunteers will certainly lead to failure of volunteer work.

Failure To Seek The Volunteer’s Opinion Of Where They Prefer To Serve

Different people have different preferences and it has been proven many times that people actually thrive when they are placed in positions they are interested in. It is therefore very important to have a conversation with volunteers every now and then to find out what their desires are. As a volunteer organization, it is important to learn about their history and experiences. Failure to do so will lead to failure in volunteer work. In case they are not sure, you can always let them test drive the experience.

Giving Volunteers Tasks With No Instructions

Sometimes, volunteer organizations overlook the importance of job descriptions, clear visions and giving the volunteers an idea of the expected outcomes of their projects. This therefore leads to failure in volunteer work. Remember, coaching is very important. Giving clear guidelines, support and feedback could easily lead volunteers to great heights.

Failure To Care About The Volunteers’ Personal Lives

The state of people’s personal lives tends to reflect on their work. Whenever a volunteer decides to put in more time and work than is needed, it might be worth having a discussion with them. Find out how they are doing. Are they trying to avoid or escape anything in their personal lives? Finding out about the state of their family and close friends goes a long way in ensuring they are in the right frame of mind and healthy enough to balance their personal lives and professional work.

At CIVS, we take volunteering very seriously and as such, we focus on what’s important for the success of volunteer work.