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Here Are Some Ways In Which You Can Give Back To Your Community

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Written by CIVS Editor

Last week on our blog, we talked about certain factors that lead to failure of volunteer work. This week, we are giving you just a brief idea, a few suggestions on how you can start giving back to your community through simple ways that will still make a big impact.

Start by helping out your own family

While a lot of people wish they had time to give back to their local community in a big way, they do not. This perhaps owing to the fact that we live in harder times and as a result people are often busy. However, you do not have to go so far. Look within your own family. You will realize that in some instances certain people might be overlooked every now and then. Such people include the elderly. So how about volunteering to cook for your grandmother, clean your grandfather’s compound, fetch water for them, help them organize their house. Even spending time with them to ensure they are not lonely does count. All this counts as volunteering in your local community as a family is the simple, most basic unit in a community.

bishop j waichere secondary school

Give Back At Your Local School

Did you know that often times the people who work at the schools near you are overworked? There’s always so much for them to do and at times they end up getting stressed out, they end up not spending enough time with their families among other challenges. The problem is that most of us believe it is solely their responsibility to keep the schools afloat. However, volunteering at that local school provides an opportunity for you to give back to your local community. Through this, you will not only be helping those who work at the schools but also the children who get education from there.

Take time to volunteer at a hospital near you

Hospitals are usually not the most interesting places to be at. Unfortunately though, people still get sick and on a daily basis. They often need some encouragement from those who are healthy.The workers in those hospitals could also use your help. Therefore, another way to give back to your local community is to volunteer at that hospital nearby. Best believe, it will make a huge difference. You could help sit with the patients and watch over them, work with the kids, help in serving the food, push the patients using wheelchairs, among others. They would really appreciate it.

Coaching a local team

In just a single community, there could be so many talented people who might not know what to do with their talent. Maybe you as a person who is interested in giving back to your local community is good at a certain activity such as playing football, dancing, acting, among others. How about volunteering some of your time to teach people within your local area how to embrace their talent and use it for their good. Help them find opportunities such as competitions to participate in. Help them find sponsors and most of all to believe in themselves.

Organize a charity activity

It just so happens that some people are great at business. Did you know that you could use that gift to help out your local community? You could volunteer to organize an activity such as a yard sale or a competition, whereby the proceeds of that would go back to the community. The proceeds could be used to buy clothes, food, books or equipment for members of your local community who might be in need of them. This is a great way to give back to your local community while developing your given gift in the process.

So those are just a few ways you can start volunteering in your local community before you ever decide to volunteer abroad. In case of any questions, visit our website or contact us for more details on volunteering.