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The Role Of Education In Community Development

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Written by Sophie Atieno

We hope you found our post on benefits of homestay programs helpful. You might have also realized that we have been encouraging our readers and many other people to volunteer and one of the ways in which they can do this is through participating in the education sector of a community. Today. We will be discussing the role of education in community development.

So why is education so important for development in a given community?

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Education contributes to the stability of the community members

For one to get a great job or even reputation among other people, they need to be educated. It’s the best way to secure a promising future because you can land a high paying job through it. That will subsequently help you survive in this world without too much of a struggle.

It promotes equality

With education, all the members of the community will have a sense of equality when it comes to development. The equal opportunities that come with it help in elimination of the differences that normally exist in terms of social classes and different genders. In other words, it helps in women empowerment.’

It makes members of the community get a sense of self dependence and confidence

For anyone to be able to live without necessarily having to depend on others financially, they need a good education. Self dependence definitely contributes to community development as it makes people wiser and they can also make their own decisions. A good education will make it easier for you to express your views and your opinions and improves your chances of being heard and taken seriously.

It promotes peace and security

With good education, members of the community are in a better position to understand the difference between right and wrong and the consequences of doing what is considered wrong, Because of that, they are less likely to get into crime or situations known to bring dispute. In addition to that, it helps people know more about their rights and responsibilities as well as the law in general.

It spares you from exploitation

In a country that has rights and freedom for its citizens, there are a number who still want to infringe on their neighbor’s rights. Some want to fool others and the illiterate often fall victim to this. They may be duped into entering illegal businesses, signing false documents among others because they do not possess the right education to avoid it.

While more and more people particularly here in Africa are realizing that for them to get ahead in life they need an education, a lot is still needed for this to actually be achieved.

Other than that a lot of resources are still needed in order for schools in this developing countries to serve their particular communities.

There is always the need for stationery, staff and subordinate staff. For that reason, any help is highly appreciated. It is for that reason that at CIVS, we encourage those who are willing to volunteer to consider volunteering in schools. Here they can help in teaching how to read, write or even in creating a sound environment for people to study in.

Contact us today at CIVS Kenyaa and we will help you start the process.