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Here Are Some Mental Health Benefits Of Volunteering

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Written by Sophie Atieno

We once touched on the health benefits of volunteering, whereby we mentioned that it was good for your mental health. After discussing the economic benefits of volunteering, today we will be expounding more on the mental health benefits.

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So, what are the mental health benefits of volunteering?

Volunteering reduces stress

We live in a world that can sometimes bring a lot of stress our way. Whether it’s stress from our workplaces, homes, schools, you name it, it could be harmful to our well being. Giving just a bit of your time for a good cause through volunteering could help take your mind off your worries and other things. This is because volunteering involves putting your attention on someone else. It provides a rich experience that gives a sense of satisfaction which results in a good mood.

It eliminates the feeling of isolation

Another mental health benefit of volunteering is the fact that it takes away the feeling of isolation. Volunteering enables you to make new friends and also to expand your social and professional network. You will get to meet people who share the same values as you and the same point of view as well. Whatever activity you choose, always remain consistent and interact with people so that you create meaningful friendships that could last even long after the volunteering phase is gone. These friendships are good for your mental well-being.

It helps in curbing depression

If you find yourself often thinking about negative things then you might want to try volunteering since it will keep your mind distracted from such. It also stops you from being overly critical towards your own self. It also helps you stay more motivated due to the sense of accomplishment it provides.

Volunteering can give you a confidence boost

When you decide to join a volunteering program, you might be required to learn a few more skills. The process could give you mental stimulation that you probably wouldn’t get without the volunteering process. Through the process, you could end up gaining a sense of pride and identity and a positive view of yourself which is another mental health benefit.

It gives you a sense of purpose and meaning

Regardless of the stage of life you are in, volunteering helps you get that sense of meaning and purpose in life. It gives you a sense of belonging regardless of the volunteering activity you choose. As long as you approach the tasks with the willingness to do what is required of you, it could put so many things into perspective which is another mental health benefit. It helps you become more compassionate while you expand your own mind.

Well those are just a few among many mental health benefits of volunteering. We at CIVS Kenya highly encourage you to participate in volunteering for your mental and physical well being.