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Benefits of Community Development To Children

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Written by Sophie Atieno

We have talked about the benefits and roles of community development a lot of times in different areas of life . Community development is necessary for the growth of people and a nation. Today, we will be talking about the benefits of community development in early childhood.

It takes a whole community to ensure a child’s growth both mentally, emotionally, intellectually and physically. The benefits of the community’s involvement in a child’s life is for the long term. It gives them a sense of belonging.

So here are some of the benefits of community development to children

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Community development promotes the health of children

Community development involves building and improvement of health facilities like dispensaries and health centres among others whereby parents can take their children for treatment or protection against diseases. It also allows for the community members, who include children to access drugs, mosquito nets among other things necessary for their health whenever they are distributed to people’s homes. It also allows for health educators to teach the children how to look after themselves in such a way that helps them avoid certain illnesses.

Community development promotes the security of the children

Community development allows for putting up of structures to promote security of the members of the community who include children. It also allows for teaching of the children to live responsibly and stay away from petty crime, promotes equality and education which gives them access to the same opportunities thus promoting security even among children.

Community development prepares children to be law abiding and good citizens

Some of the programmes geared towards community development involve teaching children how they can become law abiding citizens. It also gives them a sense of inclusion since it involves consulting children before making of certain important decisions regarding the community. This involvement of children gives them some kind of practice of what will be expected of them in future when it comes to deliberating on issues that affect them as citizens of the nation.

Community development shapes their career path

Another benefit of community development is that it shapes the future of children in terms of career. When health practitioners, educators, contractors and law enforcers take part in certain community development activities, it invokes the interest of the younger community members, the children. They can as a result end up making a decision on what it is they would like to do in their future career life. The children’s participation also helps in resume building and will better place them when it comes to employment in future.

Community development provides for role models

It is important for children to have responsible people they can look upto which is what community development provides for. It is all about coming together for the well being of the community which is exactly what children need to see. When they have responsible people they can watch, they are able to stay away from crimes and other social vices, they become more confident and better thinkers when it comes to problem solving.

Community development builds their self esteem

Another important benefit of community development is that it helps children feel more confident as they feel like they come from a progressive background. They are more confident because they are able to network with important people and through that, they learn more on how they can express themselves when in the presence of different kinds of people in the future.

In case you have any queries on the benefits of community development to children, kindly contact us. We at CIVS Kenya will gladly help you with them and also give you instructions on how to participate in community development activities both overseas and locally.