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Benefits Of Volunteering That Build Leadership Skills

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Written by Sophie Atieno

In our last post, we talked about how to develop leadership skills while volunteering. The activities you could take part in and the way to behave during the process to achieve it. We have also talked about different benefits of volunteering for example to our mental health, among others. Today, we look at how some of these benefits can transform us into leaders. So here are benefits of volunteering that build leadership skills.

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Volunteering enables networking

One of the many benefits of volunteering is that it gives us the opportunity to network. A volunteer gets to meet with people from different walks of life. Different countries, with different perspectives, different ranks in society and in companies. Interacting with such people enables one to grow as you get to learn different ways of getting along with people who are not necessarily on the same level as yourself, which is what leaders do. You could learn some leadership skills from those who are above you in stature as well and you could learn the art of forming some meaningful partnerships.

Volunteering gives one energy

Another benefit of volunteering that builds leadership skills is the fact that it energizes. As a volunteer, you will often find yourself having to do work that you are perhaps not so familiar with, meaning you have to put in extra effort to learn and get to work as fast as you possibly can. You will also find that you have to work harder than you initially thought because certain projects might turn out to be more demanding than expected. Getting used to this helps you get more energy to deal with difficult situations. In turn, you develop leadership skills as normally, a leader has to work more than everyone else and has to be fast in learning and quick in problem solving.

Volunteering allows you to receive mentorship

During the volunteering process, volunteers who are team members often give each other support, advice and any kind of guidance needed in order for the entire volunteering exercise to be a success. It gives different people a voice which they perhaps wouldn’t have had and allows them to step up every once in a while and take the lead when it comes to different situations as they understand that they rely on one another’s support. When one learns to step up whenever need arises, they develop leadership skills because on a day to day basis it is the job of a good leader to step up and provide guidance.

Volunteering enables one to immerse themself in other people’s culture

Another benefit of volunteering that builds leadership skills is the fact that it provides an opportunity for one to immerse themselves into the day to day way of life of the people in the area they are volunteering in. You get to learn what works for them and what does not and then adapt to it. You will also meet other volunteers from different countries who also have different cultures. This challenges how you think as a person. It opens up your mind and helps you learn to communicate and relate better with different types of people which is a leadership skill.

Volunteering promotes teamwork and partnership

Whenever you sign up as a volunteer, you automatically put yourself in a situation that will have you working as part of a team. You will need to learn to collaborate with everyone else you find yourself with in order to make the project a success. You will also need to learn how to break any barriers that might be existent between you and the next person that could bring about any hindrance to success so that you find solutions together. This enables you to develop leadership skills as a leader often has to work with several different people regardless of whether or not they would like the people in a different kind of setting in order to achieve a certain goal.

We hope these few points on the benefits of volunteering that build leadership skills encourage you to participate in volunteering activities. You would have so much to gain from it.

In case you have any questions or general concerns related to volunteering, contact us at CIVS Kenya and we will gladly assist you.