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Environmental Problems Facing Rural Area Communities

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Written by Sophie Atieno

We hope our last post on school school feeding programs in Africa enlightened you in some way about just how important it is. Today, we talk about some environmental problems facing rural area communities. Here are some of them.


Poor Sanitation

Unfortunately, due to the fact that not too many people in rural areas are educated, most people either do not know the importance of sanitation or how to observe it.  As a result, there is environmental pollution which in turn exposes the rural community to epidemics and poor living conditions.

Conversion of farm land into housing land

As a result of the increasing population in rural areas, there has risen demand for shelter to accommodate this growing population. Unfortunately, this has taken a toll on the farm land and even on the natural vegetation. Most of this land is in turn set aside for housing purposes. When farm land is used for housing, it causes a decrease in per capita availability of cultivated land. In the long run, it causes over cultivation.

Lack of proper drainage facilities

Defecation as well as lack of proper drainage is another common environmental problem facing rural area communities. This causes a filthy appearance to the environment and could also have some long term effects such as flooding when it rains, destruction of property and plants and could also lead to spreading of diseases due to harmful fumes and gases. Poor drainage could also be a contributing factor to erosion.

Inappropriate use of pesticides and fertilizers

Due to high levels of poverty among the rural communities, a lot of farmers feel the need to overuse pesticides and even fertilizers with the aim of increasing farm production. However, the excess use of such causes environmental problems as they end up accumulating in water bodies as well as the soil and as a result, they become counterproductive and cause more harm than good.


People in rural areas will often cut down trees for charcoal or other uses and sometimes they do not know the long term effects this practice could bring. Deforestation will in the long run cause soil erosion, desertification, floods and even fewer crops.

Well, these problems could be avoided or at least curbed. You can sign up as a volunteer and help the environment.

You can volunteer in the rural areas and help educate the community on the importance of environmental conservation. The rural community could also use some education in good farming practices, in proper waste disposal and against deforestation. You could also participate in tree planting and other activities geared towards environmental conservation alongside the community.

Contact us at CIVS Kenya today and get information on how you can volunteer in the rural area and help the community in conserving their environment for a brighter future.