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Socio-Economic Problems Facing Rural Area Communities

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Written by Sophie Atieno

In our last blog post, we spoke about the environmental problems facing rural area communities. Today, we will be highlighting the socio-economic problems facing rural area communities.

Tujengane Community

Insufficient health centres

Health is of great importance and should be accessible to all. Unfortunately, one of the many socio-economic problems facing rural area community is that there aren’t enough health facilities for the population. In addition to that, there is a shortage of qualified staff in the few medical facilities available. Because of this, a lot of people faced with certain conditions grow worse and even end up dying as a result of not being able to receive timely treatment.

Poor road network

For any economy to thrive there is need for a sound transport system and road network. Unfortunately it is a big challenge in the rural areas. As a result raw materials and finished products do not move systematically as is required thus hindering development in the region.

Culture and traditions

Another socio-economic problem facing the rural area communities is the unwillingness to let go of certain traditions, norms and cultural practices that are in this day and age demeaning or are an impediment to the development of the community. This makes the people unwelcoming to change making it difficult for them to accept any new ideas that could possibly help uplift them.

Gender inequality

For many years, women in the rural area communities have been sidelined when it comes to leadership and even access to resources. They are looked at as the weaker gender. It is also for this reason that in most such communities girls are not all taken to school as their place is in the homesteads taking care of the family.

Lack of education and technical know how

Another major socio-economic problem facing rural area communities is that most people are illiterate. As a result, it is difficult for them to incorporate technology or science into their daily lifestyle. As a result, work is done much slower compared to the urban areas and production is limited.

Inadequate lending institutions

Rural area communities do not have access to as many banks and saccos as people in the urban areas are. As a result, it is difficult for them to start their own business ventures or even expand their existing ones.

Having spoken about some of the socio-economic problems facing rural area communities, we at CIVS Kenya would like to emphasize that some of these can be improved through volunteering.

You can volunteer as a teacher and teach in the few schools available in the rural areas or educate the grownups and even the elderly in the community in order to help them get a brighter future. It could also help open their eyes to technology.

Volunteering could also help these communities deal with the gender inequality and help them let go of some of the customs or cultural practices that prevent development through creating awareness.

Certain volunteering activities could definitely bring investors into the rural community that could lead to infrastructural development or help in provision of jobs.

Contact us today if you would love to be a volunteer and help the rural area communities and we at CIVS will gladly help you out.