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Reasons Why You Should Volunteer Over The Holidays

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Written by Sophie Atieno

We hope you got to read our last post that was more onhow volunteering can help solve socio-economic problems . Today, since the holidays are here and Christmas is around the corner, we thought we’d share a bit about why you should volunteer over the holidays.


You have more free time

It is no secret that it is during the holidays that people actually get more breaks from work or school. That means you get more time to search for volunteering opportunities and actually participate actively in them. It is easier to give your all to the people you are helping out during the holiday season compared to other ordinary seasons within a year as those come with a lot of responsibilities that we often get caught up in.

You get to spread the holiday cheer

Another great reason why you should volunteer over the holidays is that you get to spread the holiday cheer. Volunteering allows you to donate food, cook and serve meals to those who might not have access to them and most of all, it allows you to show the needy that you care simply by giving them your time. In some cases, some of these people like those in hospitals, orphanages or even retirement homes do not even have family to spend the holidays with and for that reason, it is important to show them that they are not alone.

You can make it a family affair

We have already mentioned that it is during the holidays that people get more free time. For that reason, another good reason to volunteer during the holidays is that you cn involve your family members in the process. How great right? To bond during the holidays with your loved ones while putting a smile on other people’s faces. It will help you spend quality time with your family while you make a difference.

It helps you appreciate what you have

During the festive season, our homes are often filled with decorations, gifts, family and joy. However, not everyone has this. That is why it is good to go out and volunteer during the holiday season. You get to see how people live and through it you will realize that you have so much to be grateful for. You will through the volunteering experience learn to count the numerous blessings that you have.

It will help you set a good example

As we mentioned, the holiday season brings together a lot of family. SO a good reason to volunteer during the holidays is that it helps you set an example to the rest of your family members especially the younger ones. You can help them understand the benefits of volunteering, why they should participate and it will also allow you to teach them to appreciate what they have and learn to give their time to those who do not.

We hope you have learnt a few things today and actually agree with our reasons to volunteer during the holiday season.

Anyway, Christmas comes this Wednesday and we at CIVS Kenya would like to wish you a very Merry Christmas.

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