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Benefits of Community Development To Children

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We have talked about the benefits and roles of community development a lot of times in different areas of life . Community development is necessary for the growth of people and a nation. Today, we will be talking about the benefits of community development in early childhood.

It takes a whole community to ensure a child’s growth both mentally, emotionally, intellectually and physically. The benefits of the community’s involvement in a child’s life is for the long term. It gives them a sense of belonging.

So here are some of the benefits of community development to children

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Community development promotes the health of children

Community development involves building and improvement of health facilities like dispensaries and health centres among others whereby parents can take their children for treatment or protection against diseases. It also allows for the community members, who include children to access drugs, mosquito nets among other things necessary for their health whenever they are distributed to people’s homes. It also allows for health educators to teach the children how to look after themselves in such a way that helps them avoid certain illnesses.

Community development promotes the security of the children

Community development allows for putting up of structures to promote security of the members of the community who include children. It also allows for teaching of the children to live responsibly and stay away from petty crime, promotes equality and education which gives them access to the same opportunities thus promoting security even among children.

Community development prepares children to be law abiding and good citizens

Some of the programmes geared towards community development involve teaching children how they can become law abiding citizens. It also gives them a sense of inclusion since it involves consulting children before making of certain important decisions regarding the community. This involvement of children gives them some kind of practice of what will be expected of them in future when it comes to deliberating on issues that affect them as citizens of the nation.

Community development shapes their career path

Another benefit of community development is that it shapes the future of children in terms of career. When health practitioners, educators, contractors and law enforcers take part in certain community development activities, it invokes the interest of the younger community members, the children. They can as a result end up making a decision on what it is they would like to do in their future career life. The children’s participation also helps in resume building and will better place them when it comes to employment in future.

Community development provides for role models

It is important for children to have responsible people they can look upto which is what community development provides for. It is all about coming together for the well being of the community which is exactly what children need to see. When they have responsible people they can watch, they are able to stay away from crimes and other social vices, they become more confident and better thinkers when it comes to problem solving.

Community development builds their self esteem

Another important benefit of community development is that it helps children feel more confident as they feel like they come from a progressive background. They are more confident because they are able to network with important people and through that, they learn more on how they can express themselves when in the presence of different kinds of people in the future.

In case you have any queries on the benefits of community development to children, kindly contact us. We at CIVS Kenya will gladly help you with them and also give you instructions on how to participate in community development activities both overseas and locally.

The Role Of Women In Community Development

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Well, after talking about how corporates can participate in volunteering without having to set aside too much time, today we will touch on the role of women in community development.

Women play a big role in the sustainability of any community. Unfortunately, for so many years their importance has been overlooked. However, that has been changing due to the empowerment of women in the community as part of the community development process. Nowadays, more and more people are starting to appreciate that while they are often tasked with just household roles, they can do a lot more.

So here are some roles of women in community development.

women comm

They are educators

Education is very important to every community as it ensures the younger people have equal opportunities to develop themselves. It also ensures that they stay away from social vices that are as a result of ignorance and poverty. The role of women in community development as educators cannot be doubted. They give the members of the community the much needed basic education starting at home when they teach young children as the mothers have more time with younger children, to education in schools where they are teachers.

Education is the key to any nation’s growth but before a nation grows, development starts from the communities that make up this nation. Their role leads to agricultural productivity improvement, it helps in raising the status of the girl child, reduction of rapid population growth, environmental protection, among others.

Their role in the workforce

In today’s society, more and more women are contributing to the family’s earnings. Women work in both formal and informal environments in order to earn daily bread for their families. This participation of women can transform a whole community. They do face a lot of challenges because they are often seen as the weaker gender, but they have in many ways proven that they can handle such challenges and prove the ones who lack faith in them wrong. In today’s communities, women are entrepreneurs so they give jobs to others other than just being employed in both the formal and informal sectors. Their role in community development has therefore expanded to a great extent in recent times.

Their role as role models and caretakers

Another role of women in community development is that of caretakers and role models. They are undoubtedly caretakers to young children and often take the lead in helping the family adapt to different changing circumstances. Because of the fact that they are tasked with caretaking of both children and even the elderly, they play a big role in serving as role models of these children. Every single thing they do is seen by these little ones in the community.

They also have the teenagers and younger ladies looking up to them and watching their behavior. It is for this reason that they often do their best to set a good example for the children, younger women and sometimes even young men in the community. When the younger people in the community have people they can look up to, the community will always remain hopeful for a better future.

Their role as leaders

In the past, leadership positions were simply set aside for the men. Thankfully, that has in recent years changed and now women play a role in community development serving in leadership positions. Due to a woman’s attachment to the family setting, they are able to apply what they see in the home to the areas in which they serve as leaders. They are more sensitive to the people they govern or head and pay more attention to them. Because of this, they are able to help people more and bring about the much needed development in a community.

Their role as volunteers

Due to their sensitive nature to the plight of others and their ability to empathize as opposed to just sympathizing, women play a role in community development by serving as volunteers. They often set aside some of their time to give a helping hand to the less fortunate in different ways. They volunteer in schools, orphanages, churches, farms, among other places which leads to community development.

Their role as activists

Women also play a big role in fighting for the rights of the members of the community. Although in the past they were viewed as weak, women have come a long way in proving their strength in different ways and on different platforms. Their participation on the forefront when it comes to fighting for equality in terms of pay and opportunities leads to community development.

We hope you have learnt a bit more on the role of the women in community development. The women you see around you play a big part in your community’s development and you as a person should recognize and appreciate them for that.

In case of any more questions regarding community development, contact us at CIVS Kenya and we will gladly help you out.

Here Are Some Mental Health Benefits Of Volunteering

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We once touched on the health benefits of volunteering, whereby we mentioned that it was good for your mental health. After discussing the economic benefits of volunteering, today we will be expounding more on the mental health benefits.

mental health


So, what are the mental health benefits of volunteering?

Volunteering reduces stress

We live in a world that can sometimes bring a lot of stress our way. Whether it’s stress from our workplaces, homes, schools, you name it, it could be harmful to our well being. Giving just a bit of your time for a good cause through volunteering could help take your mind off your worries and other things. This is because volunteering involves putting your attention on someone else. It provides a rich experience that gives a sense of satisfaction which results in a good mood.

It eliminates the feeling of isolation

Another mental health benefit of volunteering is the fact that it takes away the feeling of isolation. Volunteering enables you to make new friends and also to expand your social and professional network. You will get to meet people who share the same values as you and the same point of view as well. Whatever activity you choose, always remain consistent and interact with people so that you create meaningful friendships that could last even long after the volunteering phase is gone. These friendships are good for your mental well-being.

It helps in curbing depression

If you find yourself often thinking about negative things then you might want to try volunteering since it will keep your mind distracted from such. It also stops you from being overly critical towards your own self. It also helps you stay more motivated due to the sense of accomplishment it provides.

Volunteering can give you a confidence boost

When you decide to join a volunteering program, you might be required to learn a few more skills. The process could give you mental stimulation that you probably wouldn’t get without the volunteering process. Through the process, you could end up gaining a sense of pride and identity and a positive view of yourself which is another mental health benefit.

It gives you a sense of purpose and meaning

Regardless of the stage of life you are in, volunteering helps you get that sense of meaning and purpose in life. It gives you a sense of belonging regardless of the volunteering activity you choose. As long as you approach the tasks with the willingness to do what is required of you, it could put so many things into perspective which is another mental health benefit. It helps you become more compassionate while you expand your own mind.

Well those are just a few among many mental health benefits of volunteering. We at CIVS Kenya highly encourage you to participate in volunteering for your mental and physical well being.

Here Are Some Examples Of Corporate Volunteering Activities

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We have talked about different kinds of volunteer activities and after touching on the mental benefits of volunteering, here are some fun corporate volunteering activities you and your colleagues can engage in.

Most people in the corporate world do not have much time to volunteer in regular volunteering activities. However, not all is lost as through certain simple ways, they can also take part in volunteering either directly or indirectly without having to spend so much of their time.

So here are some examples of corporate volunteering activities.



A great corporate volunteering activity to engage in would be participating in donation. You and your company’s human resource head can come up with a list of organizations that match the vision of your company and then explore different creative ways of donating items to them. You and your colleagues could organize the type of goods you would like to have as part of the donation. It could be things from your own home or you could opt to buy some things such as food, toys or even stationery for your chosen recipients.

Participating in charity walks

Participating in charity walks might be a great way to stay in shape and is great for team building as well but you would be amazed at how helpful it is when it comes to raising funds for those in need. It is a nice corporate volunteering activity and the best part is that you do not have to start from scratch with this. You and your colleagues could always join a major charity walk even and it will still make a big impact to the community.


Another great corporate volunteering activity is mentoring. Whenever you set aside time to teach kids what you already know, you could make a big difference in their present and future lives. You could do this as a company as a corporate social responsibility activity. You could all help out at a workshop or even in a local school and his will also bring a sense of fulfillment to the company.

Petitioning or lobbying

You should never underestimate the power of people petitioning. In some countries, petitioning groups have been able to shape the laws of the land. So for this to be an effective corporate volunteering activity, all you need to do is make sure you and your colleagues pick a cause that is in line with your organization’s vision. Always make sure you sign a petition that does not bring about controversy since you are in a professional environment. This could go a long way in bringing the plight of the needy to the attention of those who can actually give them a helping hand.

Taking care of the environment

The environment’s well being is actually our well being as well. The company you work in can participate to a great extent in the going green process. As a company, you could raise awareness on the dangers of throwing waste around and importance of reducing it. You could all also do some in-house activities that help in waste reduction such as printing on both sides of the printing paper, saving data on computers as opposed to pieces of paper , bringing recycling bins and encouraging the use of non-disposable products at work.


At CIVS Kenya we encourage you to participate in volunteering activities however you can in your surrounding, which is why we take it upon ourselves to provide you with information on how to go about it. Visit our website for more information and feel free to contact us in case you have any questions with regards to volunteering.

Here Are Five Economic Benefits Of Volunteering

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After briefly talking about the role of education in community development, we delve into five economic benefits of volunteering.

You may be wondering how it is that a service offered for free could be of any economic benefit. Well, it might not directly put a paycheck in your pocket, but it does help significantly in economic development.

Here are five economic benefits of volunteering

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Volunteering Could Help You Land Your Dream Job

Participating in volunteering activities will make you stand out in an organization. This is because volunteers are usually seen as motivated and hardworking people who can be relied on. Every employer out there wants to hire such a person. Another factor that better places you is the personal network that you will manage to expand during the volunteering process. In the event that you already have a job, volunteering will help you land an even better position, which is a big economic benefit.

Volunteering Helps You Learn New Skills

Another economic benefit of volunteering is the fact that from it, you can learn new skills. Sometimes, when you go into a volunteering program, you have less knowledge on things. However, as time goes by, you end up learning new skills that could be very valuable in the future. For example, you could learn a lot about farming, carpentry work, building, among others. All these could be very helpful in venturing into businesses in the future, among others. It could also help you in saving money that you could have used to hire someone else to do these jobs.

Through volunteering, you are able to help in building the national economy

Whenever you volunteer, you benefit the national economy because for the nation to grow the community development has to take place. Volunteering in education, feeding the hungry, building shelter and in other projects helps people get access to the basic needs and also helps them understand what they need to do in order to develop their own economy.

Volunteering helps in raising awareness

Raising awareness against crime, violence and other social malpractices through volunteering programs helps in development and economic benefit. It helps people stay away from social vices thus creating a sound environment for investment, both local and foreign. Investment helps in nation building.

Volunteering helps you break out of your comfort zone and learn something new

Just travelling to a different country to participate in volunteering or doing it locally broadens your mind. It is also a risk worth taking because it gives you many new ideas as you learn new things. It also builds up on the ideas that you already had. This is an economic benefit as you could use these to start a business, contribute more at your work place, contribute in the government and in many other fields and it could end up improving the lives of many economically.

In case you would love to volunteer, contact CIVS Kenya for more information. We will be glad to take you through the whole process.