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Here Are Challenges Volunteer Managers Face

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We hope from our last post you are encouraged to volunteer in Kenya. The role of a volunteer manager can definitely not be overlooked. They are responsible for the running of the different volunteer projects. However, there are many challenges that come with the job. Here are some challenges volunteer managers face.

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Recruitment of volunteers

The work of a volunteer manager is a lot and one of their roles is to recruit volunteers. While there are more and more people willing to volunteer every now and then in different project, the number is usually never enough. Sometimes during the recruitment process, a challenge volunteer managers face is finding dedicated volunteers who will work passionately. During some seasons, volunteer managers in the volunteer tourism sector find it challenging to get volunteers from different countries as their travel is often seasonal just like normal tourism.

Inspiring volunteers on a daily basis

Another challenge volunteer managers face is being an inspiration to the volunteers on a daily basis. Sometimes when you have volunteers under you who are from different countries, they may end up facing certain challenges. These challenges e.g. homesickness or illnesses could demoralize the volunteers in their work and helping them get back on their feet is not easy. Sometimes the volunteer manager may get the volunteers up and active but they still remain reluctant to take up leadership or initiative in their different volunteer groups.

Creating a connection between the old volunteers’ work and the new ones

It is inevitable that upon the end of a volunteer’s term serving in a given project, they will have to leave. When they leave, a challenge the volunteer manager could face is in the transition bit. They often have to find a way to connect the new volunteers to the communities or projects that were being handled and were left by the departed volunteers. It sometimes takes a while for the new volunteers to learn or for the communities to fully get used to the new volunteers.

Getting sponsorship for the volunteer projects

In some cases it is upto the volunteer managers to seek funding for the various projects they work with. They are required to get into board rooms, approach companies, churches, government and other authorities to acquire this. However they may not always be successful in getting the support or sponsorship which could pose a big challenge to volunteer projects. It is generally very difficult to get people to step up to the plate when they will get no monetary value in return.

Volunteer retention

While it is very important to get new volunteers, it is even more important to retain the ones you already have. It is more important to have the volunteers you have already worked with before come back to do more in the community. Another challenge volunteer managers face therefore is in volunteer retention. Being able to retain volunteers is important because it shows faith in your organization and the volunteers are able to give great reviews on your volunteer organizations or projects.

We hope this post has given you some insight on the challenges volunteer managers face daily.

In case you would like to participate in volunteer activities, contact us at CIVS Kenya and we will take you through the entire process from the start to the end.

Reasons Why You Should Volunteer In Kenya

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In our last post we learnt a bit on why sometimes you are required to pay to volunteer. Today, we at CIVS Kenya are giving you reasons why you should consider Kenya in case you are thinking of volunteering abroad.

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So why should you volunteer in Kenya?

Kenya has a lot of volunteering opportunities

The first reason why you should volunteer in Kenya is that it has a lot of volunteer opportunities and as such, has a lot of different volunteering organizations. There is demand for your support as a volunteer and if you really want to make an impact, this is a good place to start. These volunteering opportunities are available in Kenya in large variety. That means if you are into teaching, building, treating people, there is enough room for you to participate in these.

Kenya provides an opportunity for adventure

If you like some adventure then another reason why you should volunteer in Kenya is that it provides an opportunity for such. The country has a lot of tourist attraction sites such as the famous Big Five animals, The Great Rift Valley, Mount Kenya, among others that are globally renowned. These attractions are worth exploring while you are in Kenya for volunteering activities as they add on to the fulfillment and growth you will have by the time you need to leave for your country.

The climate is friendly

One of the things that hinders a lot of people from travelling to certain areas is the harsh climate that makes the destinations either too hot or too cold. Kenya generally has friendly weather conditions. There is usually a dry season and a rainy season but even through the cold and wet times, the sun still comes out a number of times. When it gets hot, the temperatures remain fairly favorable. If you would like to be in the country within certain times, all you need to do is research briefly and then you can plan accordingly.

Kenya has different cultures

Another reason why you should volunteer in Kenya is that the country is made up of diverse cultures. If you are looking to immerse yourself in the different ones, you can so easily do it. A lot of communities may have adapted the western way of life but often times volunteer programs and projects are set in areas where this western influence is at a minimum. You can still get to try out their traditional meals, get to wear their traditional attire and most of all learn their local languages as these are often the ones they use in communication. Immersing yourself in these different cultures during your volunteering program allows you to see the world and life from a different perspective.

The people are friendly

You should also volunteer in Kenya because the Kenyan people are very genuine and friendly towards visitors both local and international. You will be received whole heartedly and will have a great learning experience from your hosts during the volunteer program. You want to be with people who will make you feel like you are home away from home and this you can so easily get in Kenya.

It is a politically stable country

Kenya has in the past experienced its own share of instability and negative press but is well past that and the country is generally very safe for foreigners. The environment is generally very peaceful.

Those are some reasons why you should volunteer in Kenya. In case you have any questions on volunteering in Kenya or you would like to be a volunteer in Kenya, contact us at CIVS on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will gladly take you throughout the entire process.

Emerging Trends In Volunteering For 2020

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We hope you found our last post on our volunteer programs for this year 2020 informative and we would love to have you join our volunteer activities this year.

Today we would like to bring your attention to what is going on in the field of volunteering this year, hence the emerging trends in volunteering for the year 2020.


Selection of programs that match special skill sets

In the past a lot of those people who would take their time to volunteer either locally or abroad would be people with those careers considered “most normal” and resourceful. However an emerging trend in volunteering is that more and more people are interested in sharing their skill set through the process of volunteering. For that reason, more people with careers in other fields such as photography, marketing, accounting, among others are more willing to set aside their time to work with nonprofits.

There will be more flexibility

A lot of people in the past were unable to participate in volunteering activities because of different constraints such as physical location, time and even funds. However, there has been an increase in those setting aside their time to different volunteer organizations and as such people have found new ways to facilitate this. There has been a rise of programs such as virtual volunteer to allow people to still dedicate their time to making a difference from offsite locations.

There will be a difference in the recruitment methods

Previously, organizations relied on traditional methods of recruitment of volunteers. However things have changed and continue to change with the rise of websites such as Volunteer Match, Network for Good, among others. These sites make it easier for volunteers to join their dream organizations with just a single click or a few. Social media sites such as Facebook among many others have made it easier for volunteers to find their dream organizations and for these organizations to find the right volunteers.

A difference in donation methods

Volunteers are usually more likely to be donors than those people who do not volunteer. Previously, churches, schools and other volunteer organizations would receive donations physically. However in 2020 and moving forward, the way people donate is likely to change. More people are going to be giving through online platforms such as websites that are designed to collect donations and through means such as mobile devices and it is worth getting ready for this.

Volunteer training will be enforced more

Volunteering was previously seen as something easily done since it just involved dedicating some time to work with those in need. However, there have been many changes in the way volunteering is done and as such, orientation and training is needed. So as more people volunteer from different countries, more organizations will incorporate training so that volunteers learn more about the host cultures, history and their specific roles in the community.

We at CIVS Kenya encourage you to join us in case you are considering volunteering abroad. We have different programs designed to help you fulfill your desire to make a difference. Contact us today on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Why You Pay To Volunteer Abroad?

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We hope you learnt a bit on the emerging trends in volunteering from our previous post. Today though, we at CIVS would like to tackle the issue of payment before volunteering abroad. In case you have an interest in volunteering abroad, you have probably come across different volunteering programs that charge a fee before you actually join in their volunteering programs. You may have wondered why you even need to do this yet you will be giving your time for free to others who may be in need of your help.


Why Pay To Volunteer Abroad?

You are volunteering abroad in poor countries or impoverished communities

Unlike in most western countries, the countries in which most people are sent to volunteer abroad in are often poor ones and if not, the communities in which volunteers are sent are poor. It actually is the reason why they need you as a volunteer anyway. So why pay to volunteer in such areas is that there isn’t sufficient funding in the host or community and for this reason, there is need for financial contributions from you the volunteers. The advantage however is that in most cases, the organizations you volunteer with are small and have to be accountable to the country in which the volunteers are going to stay and to the country from which the volunteers are. They therefore utilize this money very keenly and there is rarely room for wastage. The small organizations also carefully vet everyone they have volunteering with them.

The funds cater for your stay

Another reason why you pay to volunteer abroad is that just like in your country, you have basic needs such as food, shelter and clothing in the country you choose to travel to for volunteering. The volunteer organization will need to ensure that you are sleeping comfortably, can do basic things like washing or even cooking and eating without having to pay too much to hotels and other providers of such services. The funds you pay also make sure you are safe. So this money also includes pick up from the airport and take you to the project. The money also caters for your transport needs.

The projects also cost money

Whenever you get to a specific project, you will realize that for it to run, money is needed. For example the project will probably need building materials, food if it’s a feeding program, stationery if it’s a school and so on, all that cost money. There is therefore need for money to come in for these projects to keep running. The equipment and the staff need to be paid for and there is need to maintain the project in different ways such as fixing leaks, wiring among others. The staff that need to be paid could be inclusive of volunteer coordinators, teachers, among others which greatly explains why you pay to volunteer abroad.

The money goes to planning and administration

We have already mentioned that staff at a project need to be paid but we also have to say that as a volunteer, you will need supervision. You need this kind of guidance just like any other person who works for a given company in any job they are starting out in. These supervisors will help you educate you on the local community, the region you are going to be at, how to survive there and even the language and they will do this round the clock. They will also be the ones to help you out should you fall sick or encounter any problems so it’s only fair that they are paid for their services.

For sustainability

The money you pay as a volunteer goes a long way in ensuring whatever project you take part in can be sustained whether on short- term or long-term basis. This money from the different volunteers provides a reliable source of income for the project that helps in the survival of the locals. It is for this reason that your work and the money you contribute as a volunteer goes a long way in shaping the future of the project.

We hope you have understood more on why you sometimes need to pay to volunteer abroad. All the money goes to a good cause.

In case you have any questions or would like to volunteer abroad, particularly in Kenya, contact us at CIVS Kenya and we will gladly take you through the entire process and walk with you to ensure you achieve your volunteering dream.

Participate In Our Volunteering and Community Development Programs This 2020

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Happy New Year!

We at CIVS Kenya hope 2020 is off to a great start for you. We are glad and thankful to those who kept up with our posts all of 2019 and we will bring you even more this year.

As every New Year kicks off, it is the norm to come up with various New Year’s resolutions. How About including volunteering in your 2020 resolutions. Volunteering allows you to make a difference in somebody’s life or better yet in the lives of an entire community.

volunteers for civs

We at CIVS have lined up a number of projects that you could participate in and make that big difference.

We have long term volunteer projects. These usually take between one month and a whole year. They are usually designed in such a way that they provide an informal learning experience for people from different parts of the world. Participating in them will certainly make you more informed on the social and cultural differences that exist in the world today.

We also have short term projects in case you do not have much time to set aside but still want to make a difference. It is also a great option for those who do not have a lot of resources to spare. They usually go for around two to three weeks. They are usually made up of around eight to twenty people working in different projects.

You can also participate in the Weltwaerts program. This is coordinated by the government of Germany. It is for young people and is aimed at assisting other young people who could use the help in order to attain the Millennium Development Goals. Some of them include poverty reduction, promoting of education, environmental conservation and raising awareness on HIV/AIDS.

We here at CIVS therefore encourage you to think about those causes that you are most passionate about and the skills you have to offer and then take the first step.

Contact us at CIVS Kenya today and we will help you start the process and walk with you all the way to the end.

Otherwise, we hope you have an amazing 2020 filled with lots of blessings and success.