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Feeding Program

HIV/AIDS related deaths continue to rise and the impact on Kenyan communities is becoming increasingly severe. The problem is especially acute among the young.  In Nyanza region alone it is estimated that there are more than 650,000 orphans and vulnerable children, the largest of number of any region of Kenya.

The death of one or both parents contributes to breakdown of the family structures, increased school drop outs, and inevitably poverty especially if the deceased parent was the main breadwinner. People in HIV/AIDS affected households continue to live in severe poverty, lacking material and social necessities for growth and development.  Many of the young are already infected with the HIV virus and thus must deal with the complexities of living with HIV/AIDS. Their unmet needs include medication, food, education, psychosocial support, life skills, protection and shelter.

It is on this background that CIVS initiated a feeding program at Ahero Resource Centre in 2012. The programe currently provides lunch for 100 school going orphans and vulnerable children (OVC) from a neighbouring primary School with the overall goal of improving the well-being and school performance of OVC.

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We also offers a child friendly environment for children to share their views and experiences, play and interact. Our target for the next couple of years is to continue providing OVC's with opportunities for a brighter future through a more holistic approach which for instance prioritizes extending help to caregivers of the OVC's and to improve on food security at house hold levels.

We pay special attention to child headed or old grandmothers headed households which are on the rise due to increased HIV/AIDS mortality.

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