Your Safety is Our Priority

Volunteering During the Corona Virus Pandemic

CIVS Kenya volunteering programs are now open for all interested participants from countries with less or no travel restrictions as per the safety consideration and directives of the Government and the Ministry of Health. Visit our STV and MLTV page for more information about our programs.

As the world is adjusting to adapt to the new ‘normal’ we are hopeful and confident that the situation will improve soon to accommodate the normal volunteering experience as it was before the pandemic, with the current introduction of vaccines. Kenya is now fully open to International arrivals and departures with all safety measures and precautions put in place.

To get daily updates on current travel restrictions/ban areas and COVID-19 positivity rate statistics in Kenya, Kindly visit

Volunteer Health and Safety

CIVS Kenya is focused on the well-being of its volunteers as we work together to impact lives in our communities.

Volunteer safety is always paramount and guaranteed as we have a comprehensive approach to managing health and safety procedures. This helps in reducing risks across all our projects to give our volunteers the knowledge and confidence they need to stay safe, and healthy.

Kindly take time to visit our blog post on Standard Best Practices to Observe Hygiene.

We have introduced a number of Health and safety measures that have been implemented by all our local projects to minimize the risk of volunteers introducing a new infection to the local community, and minimize the risk of cross-infection between volunteers and the local community. These include: –

  • We recommend our volunteers have trusted international travel and health insurance cover.
  • We recommend a compulsory COVID-19 test for our volunteers within 72 hours of travel.
  • Upon arrival, we have a scheduled orientation where all basic health, safety information, and emergency response procedure is provided.
  • We ensure our projects are up to standards to enforce Covid-19 safety measures.
  • We ensure the volunteer has limited contact with locals at the project and accommodation centers.

Amidst COVID-19 we hosted 100+ volunteers with over 10 successful project placements and guaranteed a splendid ‘new normal’ volunteering experience feedback.

Please contact us for any assistance in planning for your travel to volunteer with us.


The Center for International Voluntary Service (CIVS Kenya) is a Community Development Organization working with local marginalized communities in Kenya to support them in their development and fight the poverty through volunteering and community development programs.