Emergency Relief

Disaster Effects Mitigation


With the availability of support resources, we strive to respond to the direct needs of the affected population with an aim of stabilizing and sustaining the social effects and try to restore the situation to normal.

Frequent floods, drought and other health related issues such as HIV/AIDS, COVID 19 among others being experienced in these areas have been quite a challenge to be managed. Hunger, Loss of properties and damage of households caused by these natural calamities often leaves settlers homeless and helpless. Therefore, when government support is lacking and all development solutions have failed emergency relief is the last hope.

CIVS approaches its emergency response programming through a framework of activities to save lives and support livelihoods, knowing that these measures are only the first step followed by many others to sustainably support a community to stand on its own feet and build resilience against the cause of the intervention.

CIVS aims to help improve community resilience, preparedness and food security by enhancing their livelihoods through increased food and fodder production; cash-for-work opportunities; agriculture and business skills development, water harvesting and storage as well as environmental protection measures.


The Center for International Voluntary Service (CIVS Kenya) is a Community Development Organization working with local marginalized communities in Kenya to support them in their development and fight the poverty through volunteering and community development programs.