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The Weltwärts Program is a   Volunteer development service launched in 2008 by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) to give young people aged between 18 and 28 years the opportunity to get involved in developing countries. This allows for volunteer exchange between Germany and its partner organisations worldwide. 

This program enables young people to attain plenty of different skills such as responsibility, learning skills, and the ability to travel around the world to developing countries.

Volunteers obtain qualifications for their personal development in areas like intercultural skills, and foreign languages as well as gain insights into the vocational field of international cooperation.

Volunteerism is all about togetherness and this can only be achieved by spending time with others, learning together, participating in the same sporting activities, and growing together. The program lasts up to twelve months.

millennium development goals

The program provides an opportunity for young people to participate in the achievement of Millennium Development Goals in the developing world. Some of the millennium development goals that we are highly focused on include: poverty reduction, environmental conservation, promotion of universal education, and HIV/AIDS awareness


The project gives the participants an opportunity for self-realization and enables them to fully use their skills and knowledge in helping the different communities fully realize their potential for sustainable community development. It also gives the participants an opportunity to understand the local people and the enormous work that still has to be done in Kenya.


The program gives the participants, especially the youths, a perfect transition from school life into their possible future careers. Moreover, it gives the participants an opportunity to offer a helping hand or give assistance, or just enhance fellowship with other young people. The program goes a long way in offering education, self-confidence, identity, and the promotion of global understanding among people from different backgrounds.

Do I need any qualifications?

Every project has its own specific qualifications related to the different types of activities in the projects. The project information concerning these projects can be obtained from our partner organizations (IJGD) who recruit the volunteers to different projects.

The fields of work of these projects are categorized in the following specific areas: education, agriculture, environment, human rights, youth employment, health, emergency aid, water, promoting democracy, and sports.

What is required?

Other than educational qualification, CIVS Kenya requests potential volunteers to have the following requirements:

  • Above the age of 18 years regardless of race, religion, or education. Those below 18 should obtain written consent from their guardian.
  • Positive attitude towards the independent progress of others and a willingness to adapt to local conditions.
  • Desire to interact and understand other people’s culture and philosophy of life.
  • Be open-minded and willing to freely exchange ideas, information, and experiences without imposing your own values on others.

How do I apply?

The volunteers in this program are sent to CIVS Kenya via our partner organizations in Germany, IJGD, who carry out the recruitment of volunteers to the specific projects. This project takes care of the participation fee for the volunteers during their stay at the projects.

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The Center for International Voluntary Service (CIVS Kenya) is a Community Development Organization working with local marginalized communities in Kenya to support them in their development and fight the poverty through volunteering and community development programs.