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In our last post, we talked about factors to consider before volunteering overseas but today, we talk about the pros volunteering in Africa and a bit of introduction on community development.

While we have in our previous posts described the noble act that is volunteering but what is this community development?

Community development is described as the process whereby, members of the community generate solutions to common problems by coming together to take collective action required in coming up with these solutions.

Volunteering in Africa is probably something you want to consider if you have been thinking of volunteering abroad for a number of reasons that we are about to highlight.

Here are the pros of volunteering in Africa

pros of volunteering in Africa


It is a beautiful continent

The international media often portrays Africa as a continent faced with death, disease, drought and despair and as a result, people are oblivious to how beautiful a continent is.

The warm temperatures and vast vegetation with amazing animals make Africa an ideal place for someone who is considering volunteering overseas but wants an experience that’s a little more extra. Someone that definitely wants to enjoy nature.

It has many opportunities for community development

Although most African countries have taken strides in development, it is worth noting that most African countries fall under the third world umbrella.

This means that there is still a significant number of people in need of help in finding solutions for the many challenges and problems that afflict them and this is where you can help. Sharing your knowledge and the skills you might have could go a long way in changing the lives of people.

The communities are very welcoming

It is a common African thing to be welcoming to a foreigner or visitor because it is in the African belief that a visitor will always bring them blessings.

That said volunteering in Africa allows you to easily blend with the local communities. They are always willing to learn something new and appreciate it.

volunteer in kenya luo culture

There is rich culture

Having talked about how welcoming the African communities are another pro of volunteering in Africa that we cannot overlook is that it gives you the opportunity to immerse yourself in the rich culture in Africa.

The different way of life of the different African people allows anyone who took the leap of volunteering overseas to be more open minded.

It helps them learn that there’s more to life than what they are used to seeing in their everyday life and this also presents an amazing opportunity to learn something new.

It challenges your character

While we have mentioned earlier that Africa has been portrayed more in the negative light, which shouldn’t be the case, we also acknowledge that there are areas afflicted by so much calamity and so many hardships.

This should not however be taken as a discouraging factor by anyone who is considering volunteering overseas, rather, it should be considered among the pros of volunteering in Africa.

Reason, it makes you develop strength both internal and external. Participating in community development activities in the worst hit areas prepares one for the many challenges that come with life.

Let’s just say, the community development activities help you anticipate situations and handle them with more confidence.

Volunteering in Africa allows you to stand out in the corporate world

Africa is a very well-known place for volunteering activities and looking at it from the corporate world, it is a pro to participate in community development and volunteer in the continent.

Employers are keen in seeing how willing you are to do things out of your comfort zone because it portrays an image of a person ready to face different challenges.

We hope these six pros of volunteering in Africa encourage you to think about it.We also hope from our brief introduction of community development helped you get an idea of what it is.

We will be delving deeper into it in our subsequent posts.Remember to like our Facebook page and share our posts.