Volunteering is for YOU

Make a Lasting Impact

Volunteering is MORE than just a life experience

It is a process that involves and impacts positively and reciprocally. Your personal goals are intertwined with collective goals for social change. No matter what your skills are, your willingness will be your greatest asset. Through a volunteering mission, you will :

  • Express your commitment to a societal cause that is close to our hearts
  • Fight against inequalities in development
  • Be part of a reciprocal exchange of knowledge and learning
  • Take part in a cultural opening
  • Meet other local and international volunteers from around the world
  • Learn about yourself in a challenging environment
  • Develop soft skills that can be an added value in the workplace. A volunteering experience can help you develop your career

Become a pillar in building a more equal world by tackling development injustices. CIVS will be there to support you in this common project.

Don’t hesitate to read the testimonies of the different volunteers. This great family of volunteers is for you.

A great family of Volunteers is waiting for YOU

I’m so happy to meet amazing people. The children were lovely and nice and the volunteers were marvelous too. And I could learn many things from this experience. Thank you.

Lee Ho Young - South Korea

I fell in love with the children in Ahero. I spent my days playing with them, preparing meals, and giving them hugs. I congratulate all members of CIVS Kenya for their hard work and for making sure our stay is a good one. Asante.

Anda Carabineanu - Canada

It was a life-changing experience. I am really glad that I had this opportunity to try so many activities. I feel we could change some things in the community and make an impact. I will definitely spread the word.

Nuria Garcia Ramos - Spain

Asante Sana to all the people I’ve met during these amazing months, all the things I’ve learned will help me in my personal and professional life in the future. My friends, I’ll never forget you.

Adrien Legros - France

Our Volunteering Programs

CIVS Kenya has a wide range of Volunteer projects available in rural and urban Kenya including teaching, childcare, environmental protection, agricultural work, healthcare, and supporting people with disabilities.



2 to 3 Weeks

Group of 10-20 international and local volunteers who collaborate toward a collective goal.


1 to 6 Months

A journey of discovery, knowledge, and learning with the Kenyan community.


1 Year

Volunteering through partnerships with other local and international organisations.

General Volunteer Information

CIVS Kenya, a leader in International Volunteering Service in Kenya takes great care of its volunteers. We support volunteers before, during, and after their volunteering period.

Upon your arrival

For any project, you will be picked up by a CIVS Kenya staff either at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport in Nairobi or at the Kisumu International Airport, Kisumu.

Orientation Process

There will be an orientation meeting for new volunteers lasting 2-3 days. This will cover practical information, Nairobi City introduction, and Project placement information. The orientation can begin on any day of the week as soon as you arrive. An evaluation debriefing is systematically done at the end of each project.

Working Duration

The Volunteer will work for 40 hours a week from Monday till Friday.

Participation Costs

The participation fees range from 250 euros to 300 euros depending on the duration and project selected.

Volunteer and Tour Kenya

In partnership with a trusted travel agent, CIVS Kenya also organizes safaris for volunteers to spectacular sites of interest in Kenya like the Maasai Mara, and Diani Beach, among others.

Volunteer with us

Want to volunteer or know more about volunteering, please send us an email or look through our FAQ’s page.


The Center for International Voluntary Service (CIVS Kenya) is a Community Development Organization working with local marginalized communities in Kenya to support them in their development and fight the poverty through volunteering and community development programs.