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Ahero Peek Performers

Ahero Peek Performers

Ahero Peek Performers is a fitness and lifestyle project that was established in April 2019 to offer fitness and nutritional help to the local people. The project is designed to help members in achieving respective health and fitness goals, where they pay a small fee to run the project. The group is made up of about 6 young people who engage the locals in health and fitness activities that are effective, timely and regular and tailored to an individual’s unique needs.

Project Profile

The project has a gym and aerobics facility with equipment and is engaged in activities like Fitness training, weight loss, nutrition counseling, school outreach to recruit young talented children, offering health education to schools and communities on healthy living and avoiding non-communicable diseases. On a few occasions, the project also offers physiotherapy sessions to patients. To do this the trainer records individual health-related information like blood pressure, weight, and BMI. On average, 20 people most of whom are female attend the sessions daily. The project would like to have volunteers who either are experts in fitness and nutrition or just motivated in engaging the people in body workouts.


The project is located close to Ahero town, Kisumu County.

Project activities

  • Assisting in training sessions for physical fitness at a gym facility
  • Assisting in offering physical exercise to students in schools and identifying talents
  • Assisting in offering general health education on nutrition and non-communicable diseases
  • Capacity building and community outreach
  • Promotion of project activities on online platforms

Accommodation and food

The volunteer will be accommodated in a host family closer to the project. Three meals will be provided in a day. The Capacity building and community outreach activity will sometimes require traveling other places by public bus and the volunteer will require to cover his/her own fares.

Sites of Interest

  • Kisumu Museum
  • Impala Park
  • Lake Victoria boat ride
  • Kakamega rain forest
  • Ahero rice fields
  • Kit Mikai (Historic Shrine)
  • Crying stone of Kakamega
  • Equator line