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Long-Term Volunteering in Kenya

Kinna Catholic Dispensary


Kinna Catholic Dispensary was started in the year 2001 by the first Bishop of the Catholic Diocese of Isiolo-Kenya. The dispensary is located in the arid region of the border between Meru and Isiolo Counties of Kenya. The facility serves both Christians and Muslims from the two counties. The dispensary was established to provide clinical support services to people in the poor people of the local area.


Project Profile

Most of the people served by the health facility are below the poverty level and hence the church has been the sanctuary, safe place and shelter for them (both Christians and Muslims). Most of the patents are from the Pastoral communities of Isiolo County. It serves with the main objective of increasing patients’ follow up programs, offering school health programs and helping the inaccessible areas attain curative supportive and preventive services. The facility lacks sufficient medical equipment and staff to reach out to more people.


The project is located in Ndoleli Maua, Igembe North district, Meru county of Kenya.

Volunteering activities

  • Assisting the medical staff in the dispensary
  • Co-coordinating and taking care of the patients
  • Taking patient samples, pulses, and temperature information
  • Preparing and updating of records in the hospital
  • Providing advice and emotional support to patients
  • Community mobilization programs

Accommodation and food

The volunteer will live in a room at the project where meals will be provided.