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Long-Term Volunteering in Kenya

Tumaini Fund for Economic Development International

Tumaini Fund for Economic Development

The Tumaini Fund for Economic Development International (TFEDI) is a Non-Governmental Organization that aims at providing financial and technical advice to people in order to reduce poverty and thus create income for the needy through micro-finance initiatives. TFEDI started in February 2005. The project offers workshops and training for the community to improve business management skills and enhance development at a micro-enterprise level.

Project Profile

The organization has been able to generate funds from their members, which they use to cater for the needs of the vulnerable members of the society by supporting to acquire basic entrepreneurial skills in managing small scale businesses.

Micro-Finance clearly has a role to play in the fight against HIV/AIDS as it contributes to strengthening a household safety net. Micro-Finance cannot by itself change the face of HIV/AIDS. It can help ease the financial and other burdens of those living with HIV/AIDS and can help to promote behavior change.


The project is located in Buruburu Phase 1 Estate, Nairobi County of Kenya.

Volunteering activities

  • Data entry and organization in the computer and expanding the project’s database
  • Monitoring and evaluation of how loans disbursed is used by small scale businesses within the local community
  • Microfinance which includes looking for donors and funds to support the organization
  • Implementation of reports as profit and losses and the improvement the administration processes by organizing a proper filing system
  • Working activities outside the office as visiting small-scale business members all around Nairobi suburbs

Accommodation and food

The volunteers will be accommodated in a host family which is 10 minutes’ walk from the project. Breakfast and dinner will be provided at the host family while lunch will be served at the project. The project accepts only volunteers that are willing to be at the project for two months or more.