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Short-Term Volunteering

Kazana Cultural Group

February 2021
Kazana group1

Orientation date:  6 February 2021, 10:00 am
Start and End dates: 7 - 24 February 2021
Safari dates: 3 - 5 January 2021
Theme: Empowering the children through talent promotion
No. of Volunteers: 20


Project Profile

Kazana Cultural Group is a community-based organization that was founded in the year 2010 by a group of local volunteers comprising young boys and girls with different expertise and talents especially in playing different musical instruments, music composition, and singing among other things.

The group’s main objective is identifying, nurturing, and offering psychological support to the children and youth with talents from local communities through organized events.
The group has 120 children, where 75 are boys and 135 girls below 18 years. The project does not offer formal education, but offers guidance to children and youth as well as nurturing talents in different areas. The project coordinators meet the children when they are out of school especially during the weekends and during holidays. The short holidays are during the months of April and during long holidays in November and December. During these holidays, the children meet at Kazana cultural center with group members. During this period, the children are taught playing musical instruments, playing football, volleyball, and hockey. They are also trained in using locally available materials to make simple toys.


Got Osimbo, Sigomre, Siaya County of Kenya.

Workcamp activities

  • Helping the community to work on their farms
  • Preparation of tree seedlings and nurseries
  • Planting trees and flowers in schools and other public places for beautification and climate control
  • Brick making to assist the community to generate income
  • Assisting in school activities like teaching, playing with children in a nearby kindergarten
  • Engaging children in afternoon and evening activities like music, dancing, playing musical instruments like guitar

Accommodation and Sites of Interest

Accommodation will be at the project in this workcamp and it is important that you have your own sleeping mat and a sleeping bag. During the workcamp, volunteers will get food from locally available foodstuffs and will share the responsibility of preparing the food.
In this workcamp, volunteers will have a chance to do evening nature walks, home visits, cultural meetings, and games. During weekends, volunteers can visit Lake Victoria, Kisumu Museum, the equator line, and a general tour in Kisumu city. Volunteers will also have the opportunity for early morning visits to Kakamega Rain forest, hike on the forest hill and witness a sunrise from the forest hill. Leisure activities’ costs are not included in the participation fee.

Camp Fees

Volunteers participating in this project will be required to pay 265 Euros. This cost will include: -

  • Airport pick up upon arrival & Airport drop off after the workcamp
  • Up to 3 nights’ accommodation in Nairobi
  • Introduction to Kenyan life through a Nairobi City Centre tour before the workcamp
  • Workcamp Orientation at the CIVS office in Nairobi or the workcamp site
  • Food (breakfast, lunch, dinner)
  • Workcamp facilitation and mentoring of volunteers by an experienced workcamp leader
  • Certificate of participation for the volunteer
  • All administrative costs

Safari Option

CIVS organizes safaris to all the spectacular National Parks and touristic sites in Kenya, with the main attraction being Maasai Mara Game Reserve. Volunteers who wish to go on a safari should apply at least two weeks before arrival to enable us to make proper arrangements. The fee charged is all-inclusive of meals, transport, park entry, accommodation, and tour guiding.

Safari dates: 3 – 5 February 2021

Charges: 3-day Safari to Maasai Mara National Park at 340 Euro

What to carry

Volunteers are required to carry the following items for the workcamp: mosquito net, torch/flashlight, toiletries, first-aid kit, sleeping bag, sleeping mat, working gloves, sandals, and sunscreen. In addition to those, volunteers can also carry the following items for interaction purposes: pictures of your country, old clothes that are no longer in use, toys, books, pens, etc.

If you need more information or have questions, please contact us.

Center for International Voluntary Service (CIVS)
Phone: +254 (20) 780909, +254 (20) 786658
Mobile: +254 722 210968